Glass Half Empty

I have been very disappointed in my fellow Mets fans this spring.  I read and hear a vast amount of criticism and negativity about this year – but not much hope or excitement.  Isn’t this attitude why we hate Yankees fans so much.  I understand being critical of the team – even I don’t expect the Mets to make the postseason.  That doesn’t mean that there is no reason for optimism.  The best seasons come when something unexpected happens.

Last year it was awful to be a Mets fan.  Everything that could go wrong, went wrong.  But should Mets fan really be this negative? Although we didn’t make too many off-season moves other then Jason Bay, I don’t see the talent being worse than last year when most of you predicted a run at the World Series.

And all the complaints about the roster moves baffle me.  I don’t think all the moves are correct.  But come on – do these moves turn us from playoff contender to basement dweller?  Jerry Manuel may not be the greatest manager, but he is certainly not an idiot.  Omar Minaya has made some unpopular decisions in the past few years – but he got the Mets to the point where the fans expect to win every year.  All in all, last year was the first really bad year.

I would much rather have Pat Misch in the bullpen then Sean Green – but is it really that surprising that money factors into decision made in baseball.  If Green falters early on, I am sure he will get sent down.  Also, I don’t understand why people love Nelson Figueroa this year.  He has been around the majors, and nobody really cares to keep him – can’t be for no reason.  Plus his career statistics are sub-par at best.  You say he had a great spring – well spring statistics are a funny thing.  If a player like Johan Santana has an ERA of 10+ it means nothing.  Figueroa has enough innings in the majors to be a proven sub-par player.

I also don’t understand how Mike Jacobs has become such a horrible player.  A lot of fans were upset that he was traded for Delgado.  He played decent for the Marlins, one bad year for Kansas City, and he is garbage.  Chris Carter is not the answer – he projects to be a Daniel Murphy type.  By next Spring I fully expect Mets fans to be complaining about Daniel Murphy too.

Things could be a lot worse – ask Pirates or Kansas City fans.  At least our team puts money into the team.  And although we don’t need to agree with all of the decisions – do you honestly think anyone involved with the team doesn’t want to win?

As for me, I am looking forward to opening day tomorrow.  I look forward to the Mets journey through the season, and am hoping for a run at the postseason.  Reyes is coming back in a few days, and Beltran will be back before the season heats up.  I want to see Jenrry Mejia pitch when it counts.  We got at least six potential All-Stars on the team.  Forget about last year, be happy for the Yankees loss tonight – and enjoy opening day tomorrow!