Starting Catcher for the Mets: Rod Barajas?

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Mets fans, you may have gotten your wish. According to Jon Heyman of SI, and coupled with multiple reports over the past few days to verify, it appears that Rod Barajas may accept the low-ball figure from the Mets. It is a minor league deal for about $1MM dollars. Of course, if accepted, Barajas is a near-lock for the starting job with Blanco, Coste, and Santos behind him (probably in that order).

If this deal is indeed accepted by Barajas, the Mets have in effect done two things: 1) They have solidified their catching corps and allowed for the other guys bound in AAA to develop and grow into the position. (Ahem, Coste & Santos) and 2) They have strengthened their rotation situation as well. As I’ve posted in the past, Barajas brings something unique to the table. He will challenge (even physically) his pitchers and I know about 3 pitchers in particular that could benefit from a little “tough love”. Barajas may only care a low to mid .200 BA but he brings something that can only be measured in results in the rotation. That is more valuable than a catcher hitting in the 7th or 8th spot: Confidence from the younger pitchers. And that equals wins.

Here’s a snippet from a game a couple of years back between the Royals and the Rangers:

“Barajas and Drese were involved in a confrontation in the Texas dugout in the middle of the sixth inning, apparently over pitch selection. Teammates and manager Buck Showalter separated the pair, who were on the ground, and Barajas and Drese later shook hands when Drese was pulled from the game after the seventh.”

If you think about this, you will see how significant this could be especially when you look at it against who the Mets have had behind the plate as of late.

So what do you think? Does that give you a renewed excitement for the team’s hopes this season? Do you go into the start of the regular season with a little more confidence? Have we improved pending this deal? Like David Wright said recently, and I’m sure you’ll all agree. The goal is to win the NL East, go into the playoffs, and win the World Series. Bottom Line! Let’s hear your thoughts. I know the Orange and Blue Nation have something to say.