Former Met Facing Possible Assault Charges

Former Mets minor league pitcher, Lance Broadway, has got himself into a heap of trouble after allegedly initiating a brawl at a bar that left the victim with a broken orbital socket, broken cheekbone, shattered nose and a detached  retina.

According to Houston Press, where you can see gruesome images of the victim , Randy Sorrels, the attorney for 25-year-old Ivan Pinney, said his client’s left eye was severely damaged when he was punched and kicked by Lance Broadway, currently a minor-league pitcher in the Toronto Blue Jays organization, and Cameron McGuire, who plays for United League Baseball’s Edinburg Roadrunners.

The fracas began when Pinney spotted McGuire giving some undue attention to a friend’s girlfriend on the dance floor of the Pegasus Room. Pinney had a quick word with McGuire, Sorrels said, and figured things were resolved. But apparently, this upset Broadway.

As Sorrels tells it:

“He’s taken his shirt off, he takes a running start from Ivan’s left-hand side, punching Ivan in the left side of the face, knocking him out. It broke his orbital socket, broke his cheekbone…shattered his nose, detached his retina….”

Sorrels said that McGuire kicked Pinney in the face after he had dropped to his knees. Afterwards, according to Sorrels, a brawl broke out and Broadway punched several women, knocking one out. (A Dallas Police Department spokesperson told Hair Balls that an investigation is ongoing).

Currently, he can only see light and motion. His retina has a risk of being detached again and cause him to lose all eyesight. He is facing three more eye surgeries and one more surgery for his cheekbone, nose and teeth.

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