OK, Lets Talk About Sean Green

Let me begin by saying that the Mets bullpen is one of the best in baseball right now and certainly the best in the National League.

With that being said, this post might come off as being a little bit too nit-picky.

I am somewhat befuddled by Jerry Manuel’s incessant overuse of Sean Green so far this season. Green is mired in the midst of a dreadful start that has seen his ERA swell to 9.00. Opposing batters are hitting .339 against him.

For some unknown reason, when Green came over in the Heilman trade, he was given the keys to the kingdom and had already been anointed as the Mets 7th inning man.

 The Mets wouldn’t stop gloating and repeatedly commented on how excited they were to get the Mariners to kick in Green in the deal. Why?

When I looked at Green’s stats I saw a reliever who had a 4.67 ERA last season, and had given up 80 hits and 36 walks in just 79 innings pitched. Hardly anything to get excited about.

He was also being sold as a crossover reliever when in fact, lefthanded hitters had knocked him around for a .300 batting average against.

Jerry Manuel believes that Sean Green can and will be fixed. Why are the Mets always trying to fix pitchers? Going back to Victor Zambrano (sorry for bringing him up) and including a long list of other pet projects, the Mets have one of the worst success rates when it comes to fixing pitchers. In fact, I can’t think of one such pitcher that was fixed.

They were going to fix Aaron Heilman and discovered a flaw in Scott Schoeneweis that was supposed to be the cure-all for their bullpen problems. We all know how that ended up.

Here is what Manuel said about Sean Green after last night’s game.

“Just to me, I think it’s the different arm slots in his delivery right now,” Jerry Manuel said. “Just like anybody, he has to find his proper slot. And I think once he does that, his ball moves enough that he can be a guy who can be very effective for us. It’s just a matter of time before he figures that out.”

Why not let him get fixed in AAA before he starts to do some real damage to our won-loss record. If you really feel he can be fixed and that you can suddenly transform a pitcher with a lifetime ERA of 4.59 into something that he’s never been, knock yourself out. But do it in the minors, not in the bullpen of a team that has aspirations for winning a title in the toughest division in the National League.

We currently have more worthy options we can use in Brian Stokes (0.00 ERA) and Bobby Parnell (1.29 ERA).

Why tempt fate when we all now how fickle it could be?

Sean Green is not a crossover pitcher. Sean Green allows too many baserunners to be used late in games. Sean Green does not have overpowering stuff and can’t even maintain a 2:1 strikeout to walk ratio.

Let’s stop making more out of him than he really is.

The Mets and their habit of fixing pitchers have had disastrous results in the last five years. Why not accept players at face value?

Why maintain such enormous amounts of statistical data on a player and than arbitrarily choose to ignore the overwhelming evidence?

Before this whole fixing Sean Green comes back to bite us on the ass, let’s just nip this thing in the bud and send him off to AAA-Buffalo where you can fix him to your hearts delight, and do it without damaging our chances for a division title.

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