Mets All Under-Appreciated Team – Part One

While perusing the comments of a recent article here on Mets Merized Online, an old but familiar name popped out at me…Dave Magadan.

Most of us Mets fans vaguely remember him. “Mags” played with the Amazins’ from 1986 until 1993. He was never a great player, but was decent enough to finish 22nd in the MVP voting in 1990, hitting .328 with 6 homers, 72 RBI’s and playing a solid first base. Anyway, his name got me thinking. Everyone remembers the big hitters like Straw and flamethrowers like Doc Gooden, but where’s the love for the scrappy guys who were for a lack of a better term, “a flash in the pan”?

I decided it would be fun to put together a list of former Mets that I would call “The All Under-Appreciated Team”. For space’s sake I’ll name the first three, just to get things started. Feel free to help fill in the rest of the lineup.

LF – Kevin McReynolds: The original “Big Mac” hit 122 dingers for the Mets in 5 ½ seasons in Queens, while stealing a then record 21 consecutive bases in 1988. He also played a pretty decent leftfield before being shipped out in the infamous “Saberhagen” deal. He retired after the 1994 strike season. 

C – Charlie O’Brien: Not really known for his bat, but after coming over from the Brewers in 1990, he provided solid defense while sharing duty with the enigmatic Mackey Sasser. (As much as Sasser drove me nuts with his double pump throws back to the mound he was always a favorite of mine too.)

SP – Sid Fernandez: “El Sid” won a respectable 98 games for the Mets over 10 seasons. His best season was 1986 when he went 16-6 with a 3.52 ERA and finished tied for 7th with Doc Gooden for the N.L. Cy Young Award.

Who should fill out the rest of the Mets All Under-Appreciated Team?

1B –
2B –
SS –
3B –
CA – Charlie O’Brien
LF – Kevin McReynolds
CF – 
RF –
UT –
SP – Sid Fernandez
SP –
RP –  

Give us your choices and a short reason why, and we will add your responses and fill out the rest of our roster. 

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