Francesa Rips Wright and Church After They Snub Him

I’ve spent the last two hours listening to Mike Francesa who is broadcasting live from Tradition Field at Mets Spring Training Camp.

Ryan Church and David Wright have struck a big blow today against WFAN’s Mike Francesa.

The two of them decided against appearing as guests on Francesa’s show because of comments Francesa has made against both players since the end of last season. Both were scheduled to appear and had been advertised to be special guests since Thursday afternoon.

The reason they snubbed him was because Francesa has spent a great deal of the off season trying to convince listeners that Ryan Church hates the Mets, a claim that has been disputed many times by Ryan Church.

Wright chose not to appear because Francesa has painted Wright as the reason for the two Mets chokes (his words not mine) and called him the most un-clutch player he has ever saw. Of course the facts paint a much different picture of Wright.

Good for them.

I wanted to hear the full blow by blow from Francesa before blogging this and he appears to have moved on to a new segment of the show.

In explaining the snubs, Francesa said:

“Ryan Church is not a big deal. I couldn’t care less about Ryan Church, nobody does. He’ll be out of New York long before I am, he’s just not that good a player. I won’t lose any sleep over Ryan Church not coming to my show.”

He then went off on David Wright saying he has had it too easy in his ascent to stardom, but the fact is he is not clutch and it’s about time we give him a healthy dose of criticism.

“Wright is not a clutch player, he can’t handle pressure, maybe the Mets should have thought about breaking up the core; Reyes, Wright and Beltran. Wright won’t make it in New York because he can’t handle the pressure, and he is very immature.”

“The Mets have no heart, the whole team has no heart. They have had the two biggest chokes in the history of this city, and David Wright is the big reason why.”

Wow… I’m speechless and I’m a tough person to shut up.

To think this is coming from the Mets flagship station is unbelievable.

This is not just a sportscaster levying a little bit of criticism… Francesa has ripped the organization to shreds, and spit on the face of the franchise.

Francesa has shown himself to be the scumbag we all knew he was. His arrogance and biased coverage of the Mets is well known, but this is entirely a new low.

I am shocked by his comments and I would think the Mets are going to address this unprofessional performance and unprovoked mud-slinging at a team that helps pay his salary.

And there is even a crazier twist to of all of this… Brace yourself…

Francesa threw out the first pitch in the game today.

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