Mets April Report Cards Are In

Mets Merized – Joe D.
It’s been an inconsistent and uneven start so far for the New York Mets. While many expected the team to explode out of the gate they instead continue to churn along and stay at or close to the top of the standings. We have seen a few stinkers in the early going, but the promise and hope of something special is clearly evident too.

The Mets need a few things to break their way though, and chief among them is to get better and more predictable results from the bullpen. Secondly, they need better results from Beltran and Delgado. Beltran has been superb defensively, but has slipped dramatically at the plate despite all the walks. Delgado has shown signs that he might be ready to get out of the longest slump in his career dating back to last season. His power stroke seems to be back.

April Grade: B-

213 Miles From Shea – Elliot
The Mets faced enormous pressure from the start of the season thanks to the end of last season. Did they answer the pressure? Yes they did. They did not dominate this month but the Mets finished two games above .500. They have a few kinks in the system to work out, mainly the bullpen and hitting with runners in scoring position. As the Summer comes, the bats and the team will get hot.

April Grade: B- 

Mets Space – Joey

April 2008 is “asi, asi”, as Jose Reyes would say, meaning “so, so”. It was certainly a big blow in the beginning of the season with Pedro being put on the DL, but somehow we’ve been able to stick it through. David Wright has been able to put up some great numbers, and Reyes finally started to show signs of life in the middle-end of April. Overall, it was an okay start… We just need to improve in a few areas though if we want to be playing baseball in October.

April Grade: B

Mets Lounge – Ryan P.

The Mets started off April with a bang. They took the series from the Marlins and looked for a great beginning so they could put the great collapse of 2007 behind them. They had a great mid-April and used it to build up some momentum, but on more than some occasions, the Mets didn’t look their best. They didn’t get timely hitting or great pitching, and they were too frequently stuck on the ground and working their way up. They ended April a bit sour, but were still fighting.

April Grade: B-

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It looks like we all had the Mets pegged the same way. It’s easy to see the Mets have a few problems, but overall they still out-class the teams in their division. That being said, if the Mets don’t start delivering some "A" performances soon, they might find it too difficult to put some distance between them and their rivals. The returns of Schneider and Alou will certainly add some more potency to their lineup, and Church in the two spot seems to be working well. However, it’s the pitching they must elevate if they expect to challenge. The Mets need better performances from everyone who’s not named Santana or Wagner.  

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