The Red Sox Win and the A- Rod Circus Begins

What an interesting past 24 hours it has been in the world of Major League Baseball! One minute the Red Sox are popping corks all over Coors Field and the next Alex Rodriguez makes “news” by opting out of his Rangers/Yankees deal.

In hindsight, looking back it’s hard NOT to pick the Red Sox as the eventual World Champs. Granted, because I am a Mets fan I would have just KNOWN there would have been a repeat of 1986 had they clashed again. I suppose you have to give the Sox their due, they won because they were the best and not because they were a team of “destiny” like the Rockies surely would have been pegged as. Not taking anything from the Rockies but there was no way they were getting out of this thing as champs. Not when your stadium is the baseball equivalent to Cape Canaveral. Either way, congrats to the Red Sox…be glad Omar signed Mota because otherwise things might have been different.

On to the big topic…Alex Rodriguez the free agent.  We all know it wasn’t going to be a surprise when he opted out. Alex Rodriguez may be many things but stupid is not one of them. Arrogance, cheating, disrespect for the game and lack of discretion aside, he knows how the business side of the game works. That’s why he has the devil…er..I mean Scott Boras as an agent. Part of me just salivates at the thought of monster homeruns and ridiculous amounts of RBIs he would pile up at Shea/Citi Field. Even David Wright…the man himself gladly said he’d give up third base for A- Rod. I think that’s just David’s’ team first attitude shining through though. Then I think of the infield logjam it would create, the money that could be spent on solidifying the bullpen, money for someone like Johan Santana later and Cynthia Rodriguez wearing offensive t-shirts to ballgames.

All things considered, we have already seen how A-Rod has handled New York. He may be a lifelong Mets fan, but so am I…it doesn’t mean it would be good for me to be on the field. Unless Omar sees something different, I’d rather him head to Boston or California. I just want to see a championship at Shea this year.

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