Mets Knock The Braves’ Chip(per) Off Their Shoulder!

It is so freaking cool to finally go into Mets Spring Training camp and not have to hear about the damned Atlanta Braves and their damned streak of consecutive titles. You have no idea how much I hate that team. I will never forget the year that they clinched just before going into the last series of the season against the Mets. Bobby Cox, who I despise, decided that rather than resting his regulars for a couple of days, he would instead play them all weekend long so that he could keep the Mets from winning a Wild Card spot. The Mets needed only one win, and of course the Braves swept them and the rest, as they say, was history. But this spring the Mets are wirting their own history as the enter Port St. Lucie as the defending NL East Champs for the first time in over a decade! Did you hear that John Rocker!

Did you know that the 2006 Mets made the fewest pinch-hitting appearances in the National League, the sixth-fewest pitching changes and the sixth-fewest defensive changes. Thanks to Marty Noble for that interesting fact.

I definitely think the defensive changes will increase a great deal this year with the addition of Moises Alou and a full season of Shawn Green. Plus if Anderson Hernandez makes the team, you can be sure to see alot of him late in the game.

ESPN recently reported that Pedro Martinez’ fitness therapist had this to say about Pedro’s ongoing rehab. "Pedro will be brand-new, the Pedro of maybe ’97. It is my challenge, to build Pedro the old Pedro way. Pedro will again have the power in the fastball."

Wow, this is the second time in a month that I’ve heard such optimism regarding Pedro’s return, and this time it’s coming from the guy who’s sole purpose it is, to nurture him back to health. Can you imagine the impact Pedro would have on the rotation if he is anything close to his 90’s form when he returns after the All-Star break? I dont know if this is just another case of overblown optimism, or if there really is a chance that Pedro can come back and be as good as he was five years ago. But I do know this…  If Pedro does come back and pitches lights-out, the Mets will win 100 games in 2007. You read it here first.

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