In Addition To Rockies, Cubs Have Scouts Watching Syndergaard

noah SyndergaardIt’s nice to know you’re being watched, even if it’s from afar. Last night, Andy Martino of the Daily News, reported that in addition to the Rockies scouts watching Noah Syndergaard, the Cubs have been scouting him as well. He Tweeted that they were “doubling up,” sending two scouts instead of one to last nights game.

Last night Syndergaard was not as sharp as he’s been in previous starts. That’s not to say he wasn’t good. There were definitely some good signs. His fastball was electric, hitting 97mph early in the game. Unfortunately, it took him over 100 pitches to get through 5 innings, striking out 4 along the way.

Still, scouts are probably looking at the intangible elements in Syndergaard at this point. He has a proven track record in the minor leagues and has probably learned as much as he can at AAA. Of course he needs to learn how to win on nights that his stuff just isn’t there and every pitcher can get more economical with their pitches. Those lessons aside, you have to love the fact that the Cubs and Rockies, two teams the Mets matchup very well with in potential trades, are heavily scouting our top prospect.

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