2014 Mets Top Prospects: No. 10 Steven Matz, LHP

Top 25 Prospects matz 10

10. Steven Matz

Height: 6’2”
Weight: 192 lbs.
Age: 22
Bats/Throws: Right/Left

Steven Matz finally put together a full season in professional baseball last year, which was an encouraging sign in itself. Even more encouraging was the extent of the success he had. In 106.1 IP, Matz blew away hitters with 121 K’s, a 2.62 ERA, and a 1.17 WHIP. He currently throws his fastball from 90-94 mph, which is very encouraging coming from a lefty. He could even add more velocity as he gains more strength going forward. He scrapped his mediocre slider and added a curveball to his arsenal instead. It is inconsistent at the moment but has the chance to be an above average pitch when all is said and done. He also has an impressive changeup that could become an above average pitch in the future as well.

Matz’s command became a tad shaky as last season progressed but that’s completely understandable considering he threw more innings last season than any other by a wide margin. There have been some concerns about his mechanics and delivery, which could land him in the bullpen if they are not fixed. One concern I noted in multiple scouting reports was that after he releases the ball, his delivery comes to an abrupt stop. This is and the fact that he tends to use his arm more than he has to could cause more injuries as innings pile up. Kinks that need to worked out in his delivery should not be too worrisome just yet, however, because he’s still pitching in A ball and as he climbs the ladder, they should be worked out. Something as simple as a follow through could probably be fixed fairly easily with a good pitching coach.

Outlook: Matz will almost certainly begin the season in St. Lucie and might even end it in AA since he is already 22 years old. If he can stay healthy for another full season, the organization will be that much more inclined to put him through the system at a faster pace than normal so he could theoretically make his debut sometime in the second half of 2015. Matz is already the best southpaw the Mets have in their organization so if has the kind of success this upcoming season as he did in Savannah last year, he will continue to climb top prospect lists in a hurry. His fastball is likely to add some velocity as he gains strength and his secondary pitches will become more refined as he throws more innings. As a lefty, a mid 90’s fastball with above average secondary pitches is enough to be successful in the middle of a rotation or higher. However, if Matz does not polish up his mechanics as he climbs the minor leagues, he could end up in the bullpen if the organization decides that’s best to keep his health in check; kind of like what the White Sox tried to do with Chris Sale before he proved himself in the starting rotation. However, with improved command and mechanics, his three pitch mix is more than enough to allow him to stick as a starter.


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10. Steven Matz, LHP










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  • joeythew

    Hope he makes it – he’s been through a lot.

  • Rocky Thompson

    Missing from all of the top prospect lists I have seen is Matt den Dekker. Is he no longer considered a prospect?

  • Dark HelMet

    He’s my personal favorite, and I think he’s going to be special and a huge fan favorite. Let’s Go Matz!

  • Dark HelMet

    Good defender, but bench guy with the bat.

  • Rocky Thompson

    During a game last season, Gary Cohen asked Keith Hernandez which of the young players he thought had the best swing. Keith thought den Dekker had the best swing. IMO he has the potential to be a complete player and should have made the top 25 prospects.

  • BehindTheBag

    Isn’t he like 35 years old by now?

  • BehindTheBag

    The only way I think a role opens up – if Lagares’ bat doesn’t develop the way we hope…he’s a righty, MDD is a lefty. They could form a platoon in CF, to at least get us favorable matchups and boost the value of both players.

    I’m hoping that Lagares hits enough to be a regular, and I’m not writing him off…but it’s a fall-back plan

  • BehindTheBag

    With his strikeout numbers and his stuff as a lefty, there’s a place for him on the big league team someday soon if he stays healthy.

    I want to see if he can keep it up when he gets out of the pitcher’s haven that is the SAL.

  • jombee227

    Loving this series on the prospects. Keep up the good work!

  • Lotus1209

    I call Nimmo next.

  • BadBadLeroyBrown

    Matz #10 thats aggressive….

    I love the potential but….

    I actually still like Fulmer better the injuries he had this year shouldnt knock him down, since they werent serious. The same potential is still there

    Cant wait til the season starts though to see these kids improve

  • Lotus1209

    Aggresive? Matz had a phenomenal season last year. I understand the skepticism due to injury concern but a lefty with #2-3 starter potential is always going to get higher praise than the pitcher who was injury-riddled all season in Fulmer.

  • oleosmirf

    I think the bigger issue I have is deGrom over Fulmer, but I suspect that’s merely because of his closeness to the majors.

  • After the 2014 class graduates Matz very well could be the top pitching prospect in the organization. For all the pitching we have, we are short on legit lefties. This means we might be counting on Matz more than the rest.

  • BadBadLeroyBrown

    Lol…you knock Fulmer for being injury riddled last year in an argument involvingSteve Matz lol…

    It is an AGGRESSIVE choice…

    I love Matz but he was drafted in 2009 and played his 1st full season in “2013”…he has only 6 games under his belt prior to 2013. In “5YEARS” he only has about 130innings logged.

    He’ll be 23yrs old this year in A+ ball…And he has had some MAJOR ARM issues in his career. It is no longer about potential for him it is all about will his arm fall off or not.

    Im not knocking Pete’s choice its his opinion…who am I or anyone to say he should think differently…All I did was state my opinion…its all subjective

    And I think Fulmer is the better prospect…He had some nagging injuries last year but that shouldnt drop his value. If you are basing your rankings on potential little nagging injuries in 1 season shouldnt sway you 1 way or the other…hell Harvey just had a serious injury….his stock didnt drop in many minds nor did Strasburg before him. Fulmers injuries last year werent career altering

    Fulmer had a knee injury(torn meniscus), not alarming for a pitcher. And when he came back got hit by a comebacker off of the bat of Casey Kotchman so they shut him down. Nothing that will cause any setbacks in the future.

    So we will agree to disagree only time will tell who was right….I’ll see you when Fulmer is in Citi 😉