Mets Minors: HoJo Loves deGrom, Weighing In On Vaughn, Havens Retires

Jacob DeGrom

Oh No, Ho Jo…

New Seattle Mariners hitting coach Howard Johnson watched Zack Wheeler and Rafael Montero from the opposing dugout while coaching in Triple-A last season, but it was Mets prospect Jacob deGrom who impressed him the most at Triple-A Las Vegas last season, according to what he told Adam Rubin.

“I saw deGrom. I like him a lot,” HoJo said. “As a matter of fact, at David Wright‘s wedding, I mentioned deGrom to the front office. He pitched one game against us, and he pitched very well. And the things I saw, I liked. He was the guy that I remember, for sure. And we saw them all — Wheeler, Jack Leathersich and some of the other guys.”

DeGrom was added to the 40 Man Roster by the Mets and will be in big league camp vying for a spot on the Opening Day roster.

Reese’s Pieces?

Remember Mets second baseman of the future Reese Havens? Well Adam Rubin reports that the former 2008 first-round pick has decided to hang them up after a professional career that was fraught with one injury after another. Havens played six minor league seasons in all, and finishes with a career .252/.355/.423 batting line in 345 games played. What a shame for a kid who was oozing with so much talent and promise, but couldn’t find a way to stay on the field. Fare well, Reese… We hardly knew ye…

Vaughn For The Road…

Our Minor League Analyst Teddy Klein weighs in on Cory Vaughn who he says needs to stay on the field and get hings going.

“Because of his injury, I could see Cory repeating at Double-A, but just for a moment. At 24, Vaughn is on the cusp of losing prospect status, turning 25 in May. He will join his other outfield counterparts such as Darrell Ceciliani and possibly Alonzo Harris in Triple-A this year afterwards, and likely have a shot at making the bench if Chris Young or Cesar Puello falter. Long Shot, I know.”

Three more weeks until pitchers and catchers report…

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  • mets2014

    mets signed duda $1.6375M

  • Anthony Delgado *17 WS Champs*

    Where do you think Degrom would fit in the rotation with Harvey,wheeler,syndergaard,Montero and Mejia possibly?

  • chago

    Havens Retires

    WOWSA !

    I thought he was , Willie Mays has played more games than Havens has the last 4 years on Old Timers days and he’s 107 years old !

  • Benny

    Feel bad for Havens, so much potential…

  • chago

    Could be a good long man or power arm at the back end of the pen waiting for an opportunity to present itself in the rotation to strut is stuff.

  • Hitmanᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ✔

    Shame Havens could never stay healthy. Loved his swing coming out of college. As far as Vaughn goes, he’s a longshot to make the bench? Not if he shortens his swing and shows to be an upgrade over Andrew Brown (simple, right?) in addition to Chris Young.

  • Anthony Delgado *17 WS Champs*

    I guess I should have worded it differently. Is he that 2-3 spot guy or is he in the back end of the rotation.

  • EzRider

    Duda. YUCK.
    Havens. What a shame. Worked so hard to fulfill a dream only to have it snatched away by a series of unfortunate injuries. Would have liked to see him play for the big club.

  • KennyandtheMets

    Reese Havens retires. Wow! If Ike doesn’t reclaim his career, what a disappointing 1st round pair those two will have turned out to be. They were drafted together. I think Ike first, but I don’t remember.

  • I love deGrom as well. His upside seems to be ignored because it is not as flashy as Syndergaard or Montero. But, he hasn’t been pitching for long, and has made tremendous strides in a short time. I’m excited to see what his final role ends up with this team. Sad for Havens, but you gotta know when to fold ’em. As for Vaughn, meh meh meh.

  • mad met

    One would think that with all these prospects. Everyone keep raveing about flores degrom thor montero nimmo dilson h the two catchers smith ect we could get a real f$^!#^$ short stop that could lead off wtf

  • chago

    Anthony I really have no idea and anyone that tells you they do is full of it . Not even the professionals that are paid know for sure .That is why I laugh when I see the message board posters talking about prospects in absolutes and/or pigeon holing them into perceived slots that were determined from others opinions many of whom have never seen the person play . Guy was a position player up till a few short years ago and has rocketed up the Mets ladder ala Montero once he got healthy (think he had TJ already) . With this type prospect it makes it especially hard to try to predict since his body of work and development time are such small sample sizes . Not to mention it is probably next to impossible to get a true read on intangibles and work ethic with the short time he has been around . And those two things more than anything else determine if he is a ML ballplayer or not and how good he will be . Tons of kids have the God given talent few have the mental toughness and work ethic to realize the potential . And no scout or armchair wannabe scout can tell you if he has those extra qualities or in what quantity he has them if he does at all .

  • JerseyCityMetsFan

    And they drafted brad holt 33rd overall that year. Not very often did we have 1st round picks during Omar’s reign here, and like you said unless Ike gets his crap together that’s 0-3.

  • KennyandtheMets

    I didn’t know that Holt was in that draft.