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Talk about about a depressing weekend at Citi Field… A three game sweep at the hands of the Atlanta Braves and the Mets one game away from tying the franchise record for the most consecutive games scoring three or less runs. A loss today to the Nationals and we’ll officially be in the throws of the worst home stretch of baseball in franchise history. Mets, meet rock-bottom.

We were supposed to embrace the role of spoilers this weekend, but the only thing that was spoiled was the ton of food at Citi Field that never sold and had to be discarded. Citi Field has officilly become a ghost town.

We’re supposed to get a glimpse of Jeurys Famila and Jenrry Mejia as starters in these last three weeks. Normally I’d be jacked up, but after listening to some team people tell me again and again that Familia and Mejia are looked at as relief options. It’s hard to get pumped up when you know the only motivation to throw them starts is more of a desperate attempt to possibly sell a few more tickets than it is because they believe those two pitching prospects have any chance of being a part of the 2013 rotation. Fine, I’ll play along, but geez…

You know, one of our readers brought up a good point over the weekend on one of our threads… If the main problem we’ve had offensively all season long was the lack of a solid right-handed power bat to add some balance to the lineup, imagine how much worse it will get if we’re not able to hang onto David Wright? It would be an absolute disaster.

With Matt Harvey’s last start set for September 18th, I’m glad he was able to come up and get a taste of what it’s like to pitch in the majors. I wish his audition could have been longer and that they didn’t delay his audition for as long as they did, but at least he got some good innings in. It will make him that much better next season and everybody benefits by it.

Bobby Parnell is killing us… For two years I’ve been saying he just doesn’t have the makeup to be a shutdown, late-inning reliever. It’s simply not in him. Earlier this season in May, I wrote the following:

I’ve said it time and time again, Parnell simply doesn’t have the killer instinct you need to pitch in a big spot like that. He fails to execute time and time again. His only useful purpose on this team is to start a clean inning in the 6th or 7th and that’s it. No matter how well Parnell performs and looks in non-pressure situations, you can’t be deceived into believing that he can pull the same rabbit out of the hat by throwing him into the fire. He is not, nor will he ever be a late-inning closer or setup man. He doesn’t have the stomach for it. And when you want to be a shutdown reliever you not only need the arm, but you also need the stomach to go with it.

I got a comment from regular reader Donal who wrote: “I think you’re being a little harsh on Bobby Heat. He is a different pitcher this year. For all we know, this was just a bad day for the new version. Every pitcher has those.” It just happened to be one comment out of over 100 in that thread that basically disagreed with me. Now we’ve reached the point that Parnell becomes eligible for arbitration and he will get big bucks from the spendthrift Mets this offseason. Wow…

I thought it was interesting that on Friday I broke the news that the CEO of Digital Domain Group had resigned, the company has shut it’s doors in St. Lucie and that 280 employees are now out of a job. I did some research and discovered that the Digital Domain Group didn’t make their nearly $100,000 July payment to the Mets for the naming rights to Digital Domain Park, and that their $1.2 million a year naming rights deal was in real jeopardy. I found out that the stock value on DDG had fallen from $14 bucks a share to .60 cents on Friday. It’s big news in St. Lucie and it should be having a huge ripple effect here in New York, but not a word of this all weekend long from SNY or any other media outlet for that matter. Amazing…

Sandy Alderson has reached the halfway point of his 4-year guaranteed contract. His approval rating, much like Congress and Obama, keeps sinking. A year ago it stood at 85%, and now it’s closer to 49% in my very unofficial and unscientific poll. Only his truest die-hard supporters are standing with him now. No matter how good or bad any GM is, they will always have that 15% of steadfast support like we saw with Steve Phillips and Omar Minaya.  Many of the fans who were sitting on the fence after Year One have now jumped down and joined the ones who want to see some real tangible results. Those are the fans who wish to know what the plan is moving forward. Those are the fans who say if your rebuilding then rebuild, or if you’re competing, then compete. We’ve seen things in the last two years that a rebuilding team would never do. And unfortunately we’ve also seen things that a team with a hold on a wild card spot would never do as well. If there really is a hell, we must be in it right now.

What makes things worse is seeing how far teams like the Nationals, Pirates and Orioles have come in the last two years, while the Mets continue to sink deeper and deeper into the abyss. That’s the part that really gets me frustrated…

I’ve read this weekend that some prominent bloggers were sick to their stomachs because the Mets gave Chipper Jones some ugly-ass art on Friday as a farewell gift. That’s not what gets me sick to my stomach… What gets me sick to my stomach is that we have nobody on this team that will ever get a farewell gift from one of our rivals when they retire… That’s why we only have one player’s number on our outfield wall.

Anyway, sorry for my vinegary Monday morning post, but as I stated at the onset, this weekend really sucked to be a Mets fan….

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