Madoff Trustee Accused Of “Character Assassination”

An article by posted on February 1, 2011

According to the NY Daily News, the attorneys for Fred Wilpon are accusing the trustee in the lawsuit against them of  “character assassination”, as well as trying to leak files out to the media for their viewing pleasure. 

Counsel for the Wilpons are also filing a motion not to have any sealed records and files released to the media. 

This motion, according to the article, was filed Monday and stated that the publics interest in the documents are more of a “curiosity” then a concern.

Now, the reasoning and rationale behind all of this is the fear that all of the leaks and “character assassination” could negatively impact the ability of the Mets to find potential investors to buy stakes in the franchise. 

With this saga continuing to evolve, we will probably never hear the end of it as far as the media is concerned. 

But the good news is, baseball is almost here at least!

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