Featured Post: Time To Start Acting Like A 90 Win Team

sandy aldersonWe shall see if the New York Mets are capable of winning the 90 games that general manager Sandy Alderson believes they can.

I like manager Terry Collins’ response to his players, that they should take it as a compliment. That’s one way to look at things. What else can he do now that his boss has thrown down the gauntlet.

While Alderson expects his players to play like 90-win players, and Collins to manage like a 90-win manager, I wonder if that extends to him and Fred Wilpon?

Reportedly, Fred Wilpon said “they’d better win 90 games.’’

If that’s the case, will Wilpon give Alderson the go-ahead to get what is needed at the trade deadline? Just wondering.

For his part, how can Alderson believe 90 wins are possible when he has so many unresolved issues including first base, shortstop, the outfield and bullpen, not to mention an unproven catcher and being without his best pitcher?

I also can’t help but wonder how long a leash Alderson will give Ike Davis and Ruben Tejada. In each of the past two seasons the Mets dragged their feet when Davis floundered early. Ninety-win teams don’t act like that, When they have to make a move they do it, and fast. A 90-win team needs a 90-win general manager.

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