MMO Fan Shot: Future Mets Rotation Could Feature Five Top Starters

wheeler, harvey, gee

Scouting Scale for Starting Pitchers:

#1 Starter: Two plus pitches, average third pitch, plus-plus command, plus makeup
#2 Starter: Two plus pitches, average third pitch, average command, average makeup
#3 Starter: One plus pitch, two average pitches, average command, average makeup
#4-5 Starter: Average velocity, consistent breaking ball, decent changeup, command of two pitches

Jeremy Hefner and Dillon Gee are fighting for their spots in the rotation over their next 1-2 starts as Zack Wheeler readies himself for his Mets debut.

I put up the basic scouting scale for a starting pitcher and wanted to give my thoughts.

Going into the season most scouts viewed Matt Harvey as a #2 because his command was average. However, he has since showed that his command is plus and that his slider might actually be a second plus pitch so he is a borderline #1/#2 starter.

Wheeler has a plus-plus fastball and his curve and slider are above average. His curve has a shot a plus. His command has been average in the minors like Harvey, but if he can make that a plus he moves to the #1/#2 borderline and joins Harvey. Right now, I’d say he he is an overall #2 projection.

Jon Niese has a plus-plus curve and an average fastball with average command and makeup. If his command moves to plus like last year, he’s a #2/#3 borderline. For now, he’s a #3

Shaun Marcum has a basket full of average breaking balls and fastball. His plus command and makeup make him a #3.

Hefner fits the #4/#5 slot and Gee as well, although I think Gee has #3/#4 possibilities with improved command.

Rafael Montero is a prospect that already has plus-plus command, a plus breaking ball, an above average fastball and plus makeup. He can be a #2/#3 borderline.

Noah Syndergaard is far away, but I’d put him in the Wheeler range with better command but slightly less on the curve.

To summarize:

  • Matt Harvey – #2/#1
  • Zack Wheeler – #2
  • Jon Niese – #3/#2
  • Shaun Marcum – #3
  • Dillon Gee – #4/#3
  • Jeremy Hefner – #5/#4
  • Rafael Montero – #2/#3
  • Noah Syndergaard – #2

So it’s possible that a rotation of Harvey, Wheeler, Niese, Syndergaard and Montero could easily be as many as five #2 starters in a future Mets rotation. And all them are 25 or younger.

Who wouldn’t sign up for that?

Now just sign some free agent bats.

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