MMO Roundtable: Are The Mets Moving In The Right Direction

The Mets have lost 14 of their last 16 games at  home, and are 12 and 30 in their last 42 games.

They are now officially worse than the 2009 team. Do you still think we are moving in the right direction?

Joe Spector – It’s amazing what a difference a month makes in this game. Do we allow this to effect our overall view of where the team is going or not? Is the organization putting far too much value into their minor leaguers? Should some be dealt? Something HAS to be done and Alderson has admitted to it. Better late than never and for all those who feel Omar left this team teeming with minor league talent, glad to see you’ve all awakened.

Mike Barrett – No, since I have no idea what direction they are going. If ownership refuses to spend money on talent that is or isn’t on this team, there is no reason to think that this team will get any better any time soon.

Dan Valis – Right now I still say right direction because we have pitching coming. Harvey has started out well, and Wheeler is “supposed” to be better than him. Niese looks like a really solid number 3 starter and we have Dickey. Pitching wins and if we can plug in a rotation of Dickey, Niese, Harvey, Wheeler and someone else, we have something there. Adding offense to Wright, Davis and Tejada will be the key, as well as getting a legitimate closer.

Jessep – I think we are moving in the right direction if Alderson’s WFAN interview turns out to be true. If this roster is different in 2013 but they continue to focus on the development of their young players then yes. All this stretch of games proves to me is that the people who said the cupboard was not as stocked as people thought in May were right and this team desperately needs some changes.

Satish Ram – I’ll consider giving them another off-season to sort things out. But I do not feel like we have much direction at all right now. Picture a jagged road that goes back and forth in an unpredictable pattern that makes it difficult to understand the reasoning or to trust that the pathway will lead to a safe place.

Robert Patterson – I think we’ve learned what experiments have merit. For instance, the middle infield of Tejada and Murphy appears to have staying power, whereas the Lucas Duda outfield experiment has failed miserably. I’m okay with taking the time to evaluate his resources, but now that we know what additions have to be made, it’s time for Alderson to make it happen.

Nick Campione – I believe we are moving in right direction in minors but not in majors. Some trades need to be made and I wish some money could be spent but I do not believe the Wilpons will allow Sandy to do so. After listening to Sandy Alderson on WFAN, I liked everything he said although he didnt seem so sure he would have money. Its time to make the right trades and right moves and get away from the bargain bin. This team needs to be changed and changed immediately.

XtreemIcon – Yes. I know it’s tough not to burn the place down after under two calendar years, but even Met-hater Francesa said on the FAN on Thursday that it’s not reasonably fair to judge Alderson yet. This offseason and next (verbatim: “the next 18 months”) will tell us about the job he’s doing. The farm is better than it has been in a few years, even with graduating some guys to the majors, and alabtross contracts are coming off the books. When you start re-organizing from the ground up, that’s the first two steps.

Joe D. – I was cautiously optimistic two years ago, skeptical after last offseason, and clearly unconvinced we have made any strides now. David Wright said it best, the last two years under Alderson have been a “baby step”. Wright’s a smart guy who never criticizes the team and for him to say that, you can imagine the chatter in the clubhouse. We were painted a beautiful Thomas Kinkade outlook complete with bright lights when Alderson first addressed the fans as a GM. We were to expect results in 2014 – championship caliber results. Last offseason he spent all of his money on moves overbidding or bidding against himself for relievers that were widely responsible for the Mets problems this season, and his one trade actually did more harm than good. He said he wouldn’t punt in 2012 and that he would have money to spend mid-season, but only signed 20 of his 42 draft picks which completely undermined his “building from within” mission statement. Worst of which was letting $60K be the deal breaker in the epic failure not to sign the Mets second round pick. This contradicts everything he said and he left the draft with $1.2 million in unspent dollars of which only $300K carries over to next year. At the deadline he waited until the last minute, and the Mets collapsed right on cue and he sat on his hands. It would be naive to think he would have made any moves to bolster the team if the Mets were still 8 games over .500 on July 31. When the Mets were riding high he already sent signals that things were “too pricey”. We are moving in a direction alright, but it doesn’t seem like the right direction to me.

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