MVP Chants For Wright Are Not Unfounded

For those of you who missed the first half of the season, you got the gist of things if you tuned in last night’s victory over the Phillies.

David Wright, who delivered the game-winner in the ninth along with hitting a homer, said as much when he indicated the Mets worked every at-bat and utilized every out. No waste for these Mets.

“It seems like all year we’ve had that never-say-die attitude, continuing to play the game no matter what the score is,” said Wright, whose four RBI all came with two outs.

It has been like this all year for Wright, who, despite only 11 homers, is a legit MVP candidate, even if Mets fans don’t vote with the fervor or Giants fans for the All-Star team.

With Jason Bay down, and Ike Davis and Lucas Duda slumping at various times, Wright has been the mainstay of this lineup. If the MVP was announced today, could anybody begrudge Wright if he were the winner? There’s a lot of season left, but how soon before we hear the MVP chanting?

The ninth began with Davis going the opposite way on Jonathan Papelbon, and included a bunt by Josh Thole and a drawn-out walk by Ruben Tejada that showed a lot of patience. All that fundamental work paid off when Daniel Murphy singled off Papelbon’s leg.

From there, the outcome was a foregone conclusion. The Mets weren’t going to lose.The only concern was R.A. Dickey, who matched a career high by giving 11 hits. Even so, he pitched with guile and got out of enough trouble where he kept the Mets in the game. Really, that’s the most important thing.

And, as usual, he was stand-up after the game.

“I didn’t deserve a no-decision, I deserved to lose tonight,” Dickey said. “The guys picked me up.”

Actually, they returned the favor.

Thoughts from Joe D.

Batting champions win MVP awards all the time, more than 50% of those who’ve won one did it this way. But Wright isn’t just leading the league in batting, he’s done far more that just that to deserve this honor. Wright also leads the league with a .443 on-base and for you extreme stat crunchers he leads the majors with a 4.8 WAR. Wright’s chief competition comes from Pittsburgh’s Andrew McCutchen, but Wright still edges him out in runs scored and RBI, and while Cutch has five more home runs, Wright has mor extra-base hits including a 26 to 17 edge in two-baggers.

That said, they don’t give out hardware in July as far as I know, and there’s a lot of season left to play. Anything can and always does happen. But I certainly like where things are for now and I have no complaints. In case you hadn’t already noticed that the David Wright of 2005-2008 has reappeared, last night should have made it plainly obvious.

Those of you who are still carrying an animosity for Wright like some 200 pound sack of bricks, drop it already and enjoy these rare moments of remarkable Mets baseball. If you’re not going to get behind every player on this team now, then when? Some of you need to get your Mets fandom checked out for a possible tune-up. Even those of you who are unhappy with the current GM, there’s still enough of a team here from the former GM for you to love, so why not just ease back and enjoy what’s happening before you end up missing what could be the makings of  modern age Miracle Mets team.

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