3 Up & 3 Down: Wanted Dead Or Alive Edition

If 3 & 3 were to borrow a page from the long running children’s show Sesame Street, this edition would be sponsored by the letters P & U. Those two letters sum up how the Mets performed in this three game series. We were so hard pressed to come up with 3 “Ups”, our guys from SNY make their season debut in that category.

3 Up:

1) R.A. Dickey: I honestly thought R.A. Dickey had a shot to make Met’s history on Monday night by pitching the first no hitter in franchise history. Early in the game Dickey held the Astros hitters in check with his knuckle ball. Then the Astros broke through scoring 3 runs and knocking R.A. out of the game. Yet another good effort by a Met starter that went to waste. In fact, it was the only good outing by a starter the entire series.

2) David Wright: David Wright looks like a different player this season. He looks more relaxed, and he is hitting the ball very well. He’s also acting like a leader. This is David Wright’s team and he’s acting that way. Good for him.

3) Gary, Keith & The SNY Crew: Monday and Tuesday night’s games bordered on unwatchable, however our guys at SNY made it very entertaining. Whether talking about the cow on the foul pole, the pumpkins in the train, or the horrors of the Astrodome, the gang at SNY made watching the games entertaining, and enjoyable.

3 Down:

1) Jon Niese: One of my favorites, but let’s be honest, Niese was bad on Tuesday night. Niese had his worst outing of the season giving up five runs in three innings.

2) Chris Schwinden: Two outings, ten earned runs in eight innings. Prior to Schwinden’s start on Wednesday afternoon, Joe D. posted an MMO Roundtable discussing Schwinden. I stated that the Mets need to be patient with him. I’ll revise those comments now to say give Schwinden one more start. If he fails, it’s time for him to shuffle off to Buffalo.

3) Brad Mills: I thought Monday night, Mills stayed with his starter, Bud Norris too long. After pulling Norris, Mills then used seven different pitchers to retire seven different Mets batters! This isn’t the MLB 2012 video game. It was pure silliness on Mills part.

The Mets return home for a quick three game homestand against the Arizona Diamondbacks. A Friday night game, the Fox game on Saturday (who knows, maybe Josh Lewin will do the TV play by play for Fox), and a Sunday 1pm game. Let’s Go Mets!!