Mets Fans Are Fools

This must be what Sandy Alderson and the Wilpon’s think of us as they sit around their luxurious million dollar estates eating their caviar and sipping their imported wine.

Safe to say the departure of Jose Reyes, while not a surprise, was like a stab through our collective hearts. We hoped against all hope that somehow, someway, Jose would return in 2012. Our hearts told us one thing but our heads told us something else.

Right now we are still dealing with hurt, anger, disgust and depression as one of the most beloved players in Mets history will have a fish across his jersey. Time will tell if Alderson’s decision was the right one or not.

If Reyes struggles through a season with leg problems, a trip here and there to the DL and does not warrant the money the Marlins handed over, then we will swallow our pride and apologize to Alderson for our negativity. On the flip side, if Jose stays healthy, steals 60-70 bases, hits 310 and leads the charge to dethrone the Phillies, the hottest selling item next Christmas will be a Sandy Alderson dart board. (And just imagine how many runs a healthy Reyes would score if the Fish also happen to land Pujols?)

My problem with Alderson is not so much the decision to keep or let Jose go. But how he handled it. New York sports fans are the most knowledgeable in the country, but yet our GM is treating us like we are in Oakland.

“I’m not conceding anything with respect to 2012,” he stated less than 36 hours ago. Really, Sandy? Are you kidding me? Do you really expect us to believe this line? If you, Mr. Alderson, really truly feel this in your heart then you are not the ‘baseball man’ we were led to believe. And if you expect us to buy into this hogwash, then you are greatly underestimating our intelligence. It’s really a slap in the face to all of us.

You let go of Carlos Beltran for a pitcher who, while has potential, is unproven and has compiled a 3.68 ERA while not rising beyond AA. You trade a solid closer who was having a respectable year. Now, you let go of the best lead-off hitter in team history for a Round 3 draft pick. And suddenly David Wright is not completely off the table either. But you’re not conceding a thing??? Your actions, sir, do not match your words.

Does Sandy Alderson really think that Pelfrey, Gee and Dickey match up against Lee, Halladay and Hamels?

“He (Jose Reyes) was the most important thing on our agenda which is why we went about it the way we did.” How? By making a pseudo-offer? You make an offer that you know will be surpassed. It’s low enough that someone else will top, but at least you can claim, ‘We tried.’

And let’s be honest? What does it say about our team when the Mets not only lose a player with the talent, ability and who the fans love but the fact that we get outbid by the Marlins. The Marlins??? We’re not talking the Yankees or Giants or Red Sox. A team from Florida went deeper into their pockets than a team from New York.

I feel that all 30 clubs can be classified into one of 4 categories. Some teams are built to WIN NOW, like Texas, the Phillies and as always, the Yankees. Some teams are 1 OR 2 players away, such as the Giants, Angels or Tigers. Other clubs are REBUILDING for the future, such as the Royals (who have one of the most promising farm systems in baseball) or the Pirates or even the Cubs who hired Theo Epstein. Other teams, like Houston or Seattle just GO THROUGH THE MOTIONS of a 162 game season. Our beloved GM would have us believe we are in one of the first two categories, but really, at this point, since we have yet to state the obvious, we are in the same category as the Mariners or the Astros, two other small market clubs.

Alderson says one thing, but his actions show something different.

I just wish he’d be honest. I wish he’d stop sounding like a politician running for office and speak TO us, not DOWN TO us. I’d gain respect if he was truthful and forthright. Come clean, Sandy. Confirm what we all know. Admit the Mets have no money, no desire or ability to compete for the next 3-5 years. Tell us that we have to rebuild the entire team from bottom to top. Tell us you are going to replenish the farm system, ask us to be patient. Admit that it will be a while until we can be a competitive club again. Substantially lower the ticket prices. Just be honest.

You’ll find that we may not like it but we Mets fans are a patient bunch. We’ve waited twenty five years for a championship. What’s a few more? Give us the benefit of the doubt.

 In 1980, Frank Cashen took over as GM. The Mets were a struggling franchise, perennial cellar dwellers. In the 3 years prior, we averaged 64 wins and 98 losses. Cashen came in and told us it would take five years for us to be competitive. We complained and didn’t like that news. But he was right. He rebuilt the team and five years later the Mets won 90 games, the most since the 73 pennant. At the time we were ready to strangle Cashen with one of his own bow ties. But he was honest. And he was right. He gave us a championship. And we gave him our respect.

I’m just asking our GM for some truth, some honesty. And not to treat us like a bunch of fools who blindly hand over our hard earned money to support a sub-standard product.

On November 1, 2010, shortly after he became our GM, Sandy Alderson stated, “It’s important that an organization be moving in one direction.” Truer words were never spoken. Sadly, we all know what direction we are heading.

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