Phillies About To Go All Omar Minaya On Ryan Madson

Last night it was reported that the Phillies were said to be “making a strong push” to re-sign their closer Ryan Madson who is now a free agent.

Jon Heyman of is now reporting that the two sides are closing in on a new contract, “they’re in serious discussions and it’s hard to imagine it not getting done soon.”

A few minutes ago, Tim Brown of Yahoo Sports confirmed the two sides are yucking it up, but also shared financials saying that they are discussing a deal worth $44MM over four years plus a fifth-year option for $13MM.

The total value of that deal at $57MM actually surpasses the deal the Mets gave K-Rod even if you threw in that $17MM vesting option.

Other similarities are that like K-Rod in his last free agent year, Madson has had lower velocity and his K/9, K/BB, H/9 and BB/9 are all worse than the season before.

You know what? Right now I’d probably take K-Rod, who is TWO YEARS YOUNGER, over Ryan Madson.

You can probably get Rodriguez on a two-year, $10 million dollar deal, and when you compare their numbers, there’s not that much difference.