Giants Fans Make Themselves At Home, Dodgers Fans Right Behind Them

In this photo from Yahoo Sports taken during last nights game, you can see evidence of what you probably heard during the game’s broadcast which was a crowd where San Francisco Giants fans far outnumbered Mets fans at Citi Field.

The Mets didn’t roll out the red carpet for them, but the black and orange outfield walls surely made the loud and proud Giants fans feel right at home.

Even the weather cooperated and gave the Giants faithful a chilly evening that made for some wonderful hot chocolate sales at the concession windows.

It was hard to tell if the Mets fans that did show up mounted any type of counter attack to the “Let’s Go Giants” and “Tim-meee” chants because there were too few of them to be heard.

And this was just the warm up act for the main attraction – the Los Angeles Dodgers – who roll into their home away from home, this weekend.