Warthen Amused, Feliciano Hurt And Vows Revenge

I wanted to update this Pedro Feliciano/Brian Cashman post now that Mets pitching coach Dan Warthen had a chance to weigh in, as did Feliciano himself.

Warthen actually got a kick out of Cashman’s comments that he “abused” Feliciano and sort of mocked him.

“They didn’t know that when they signed him? That was part of the reason we decided to not re-sign him — because we knew we had used him 270-some times in the last three years.” 

When Pedro Feliciano caught wind of Warthen’s remarks he said he felt hurt by them, but vowed revenge in a tongue and cheek way:

“I will show him in the Subway Series when I strike out Ike Davis,” Feliciano said. “When I jump up and down on the mound I’ll be like, ‘That’s for you.”’

He’s a cool dude, and I look forward to seeing Feliciano back on the mound soon. He gave us some solid seasons as a Met. 

Original Post 4/2 1:30 PM

This is kind of comical, but Jim Baumbach of Newsday tweeted the following comments from Yankees GM Brian Cashman who is clearly having a bad hair day:

While he may be right about Yankees bloggers, if he felt so strongly that Mets abused Pedro Feliciano, why did he give him a two-year deal for $8 million bucks?

Obviously, Sandy Alderson was well aware of the abuse at the hands of the Minaya and Manuel so he stayed away with a ten-foot pole. Or was it a fifty-foot pole?

I got four words for you Cashman. Your problem, not ours!