What If The Mets Can Be Competitive In 2011

Happy New Year everyone! We’re 49 days away from pitchers and catchers reporting to Spring Training. As everyone knows I don’t have much confidence in the 2011 Mets and I’m already looking forward to the 2012 season as many are already suggesting  

I honestly believe this is just a lost season, where .500 would be acceptable, but “what if” the Mets can compete in 2011?

Marvel Comics does a series of comics where they explore the road not traveled by their characters. The next couple of weeks I’ll look at What If situations for the Mets.

What If: Pitchers

What if Mike Pelfrey can finally step up and be the ACE everyone thought he would be when the Mets drafted him? Last season it looked like Pelfrey was on his way to finally realizing his potential before going back to his inconsistent self. Pelfrey did finish 2010 strong. What if Pelfrey builds on that strong finish? What if Pelfrey is finally ready to be the ACE and wins 18-20 games?

Last year one of the few highlights was R.A. Dickey. Dickey was without a doubt a great surprise last season. He kept the Mets in almost every game. He did have trouble with the long-ball towards the end of the season but still had a great season that nobody saw coming. It will be interesting to see if that was just 1 lucky season or a sign of things to come? What If R.A. Dickey has as good or even better season than he had last year? What If R.A. Dickey can win 14-17 games in 2011?

Jon Niese after getting hurt early in the season came back and had a season that nobody I think predicted he would have. Who can forget his 1 hitter? There’s always the worry of a sophomore jinx but what if Niese doesn’t suffer from a sophomore jinx? What If Niese has just as good if not better season than last year?

Santana won’t start the season that we know. It’s still unclear just exactly when/if he will be returning. What if Santana does return before the All Star break next season? What if Santana is 100% healthy? What If Santana is the Santana of old?

Its fun to wonder what could happen if all these what if’s pan out. At least it’s something to think about for 2011. Next week I’ll talk some more what if scenarios for the Mets.