Abandon All Hope?

Must We Really “Abandon All Hope”?

Easter greetings to Metsdom! It is Season’s Eve this glorious Easter Sunday, and none of us isn’t excited for our Mets despite what our baseball sense may be telling us.

Here’s to 2010 being as unexpectedly wonderful as 2009 was crushingly unexpected!

Well, imagine my good feelings being squelched this morning when I leafed through the Times Sports section to find George Vecsey’s column, telling Mets fans to abandon all hope in Dante’s classic sense from the Inferno. Not the kind of literary invocation any of us needs before the 2010 MLB season has started.

The columnist doesn’t really share any gloomily original thoughts, but affirms what a lot of us have been arguing about on MMO since February: the pitching staff is a shambles before we even run out of the gates. Those of us, myself included, who can’t stomach gloomy predictions, prefer to see the pitching staff as a big question mark.

Vecsey points out that no serious fan can really argue that the Mets went out in the offseason to address the glaring weaknesses of the starting rotation. Well, we knew that, too. He simply doesn’t think we can compete seriously w/ the Phils and Braves if we really cannot define our #2. Hard to argue unless #s 3, 4, and 5 prove incredible.

Furthermore, he seems very skeptical of a big core-led comeback, even with the addition of folk like Bay and Francoeur. He makes fun of us for starting the season w/ Pagan and Mathews Jr. in center, doubts Reyes may ever really become what he once was, and sees the latest injury to Murphy as more of that horrible Mets luck continuing.

He talks about good guys like Cora and Tatis, but the implication is they are talentless in terms to compete in our division when you consider who the Braves and Phils have. He goes one biting step further by declaring that those good bench guys on the Mets are “Queens people.” In other words, good enough to play for a franchise and team in Queens that may be beloved but ultimately inept.

It’s hard for me to be mad at Vecsey, mainly because he’s pointing out what most of us know and can see, but, still, on Easter Sunday and on the day before the 2010 Adventure is set to begin?

We all know only too well that we have an Everest to climb this season. Our expectations are far from grand, but we are looking for improvements, and that alone should give us some cause to enjoy 2010 barring terrible play and more unforeseen injuries.

True, the roster moves of late are making us scratch our heads and swear uncontrollably, but God knows I am not and never will abandoning all hope.

Let’s Go Mets, 2010!