The Curious Case of Jose Reyes

Jose Reyes has been a staple on this Mets team for seven years, from the time he was 19 years old. After 2009 limited him to just 36 games, we are expecting big things from Reyes this year. We were expecting more run production, more triples, more swiftness….and maybe a revival of The Jose Reyes Spanish Academy. But, now that spring games have started, Reyes appears to be MIA.

Reyes was following up a physical for the first spring training game, he didn’t make the trip to play the Braves, and he didn’t appear on any split squad. Now, the Mets are saying that Reyes is being tested for a thyroid imbalance, just one day after clearing Reyes to play today.

I really hope the patterns of 2009 don’t come back to haunt us. First, we lose Beltran, and now Reyes can’t play until he gets the results back from his thyroid examination. Last season, in many cases, the Mets mishandled the injuries to their team. We went from contenders to bums in just under a month.

I still have a lot of questions about this Mets team, but one of them shouldn’t have to be about the condition of one of our star players. The Mets should have said yesterday that he was going back to New York for testing. If the Mets were more straightforward with their fanbase, I feel there would definitely be less treading waters between the Wilpons and the fanbase.

However, I do feel that this Mets team is in better shape than last year’s squad. We have guys to cover the guys and hopefully the minor league guys are building experience before we thrust them into New York.

We want the truth, not, “Oh, he’ll be back today……PSYCH!”

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