Trading Wright is the Wrong Move

Earlier this week, Mike Francesa suggested trading David Wright because he is nowhere to be found in pressure games. This idea to me is laughable, mainly because 25-year-old Gold Glove 3rd baseman who average 29 homers and 114 RBI and hit over .300 in their first four seasons grow on trees. Don’t we wish? So I wrote a little something I hope you will enjoy.

Omar Minaya sits in his office and watches as Shea Stadium is being dismantled. Omar seems rather perturbed, mainly because he knows what he’s about to do is bad for the team. There is a knock on the door. Omar allows the player to enter. It is David Wright, 25-year-old All Star 3rd baseman and future MVP.

Omar: Okay, David, we kind of made of a deal, okay?
David: Okay.
Omar: And it involves you, okay?
David: But I love New York! I don’t want to be anywhere else! David starts to cry.
Omar: You are a Los Angeles Angel effective immediately, okay. We don’t know who we’re getting yet, as the player will be named later, okay. We feel that moving Murphy to third will be a better move for this ballclub, okay.
David: Still crying. I wish the best of luck to you then.

David leaves Omar’s office and Shea Stadium for presumably the last time. He sees new Mets manager Jerry Manuel walking down the hall.

David: Jerry! You have to do something! I was traded to L.A.
Jerry: Joe Torre is a fine manager.
David: Not the Dodgers! The Angels!
Jerry: What’d we get for you?
David: Nothing!
Jerry: Even though I am gangsta, I’m afraid there’s nothing I can do. Omar makes all of the moves. I just make up the lineup card and make sure you guys don’t blow it.

David walks away from Jerry. About an hour after this confrontation, Omar makes a conference call explaining this move. Basically, he has no good reason for it and says the word “okay” 3467684930 times.

Four months later……
It is time for Spring Training. Old and new Mets alike such as CC Sabathia and Francisco Rodriguez commense to Tradition Field. They are still talking about the Wright trade.

CC: That was the worst move ever! Even worse than trading Seaver!
K-Rod: I would have stayed with the Angels if I knew he was going to be there.

The players go their practice field for a team workout. As they leave, a shadow lurks behind them. It follows them to the team workoutand even begins to work out with the team.

Jerry: David! Aren’t you supposed to be in Arizona?
David: No.
Jerry: Why not? I know I’m gangsta, but I can’t figure it out.
David: After I got to L.A. they told me that I was the player to be named later. By the way, I need a locker.
Jerry: You mean he traded you for….you???????
David: Yeah.
Jerry: Stupidest move I ever heard….but welcome back!

Spring Training goes well for the Mets, as does the first season in Citi Field. The Mets make it all the way to the World Series but with two outs in the top of the ninth during Game 7, Aaron Heilman lets off the series winning home run. All is normal in Mets land.

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