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Mets Fans Suffering From Bargain Bin Boredom

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As winter creeps onto the landscape and the offseason crawls along, its becoming apparent that the sweeping changes that were promised by Mets GM, Sandy Alderson, are likely to be held off another year.  Instead of renovating the roster to resemble that of a organization poised for a resurgence, the Mets remain in a holding […]

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Fan Post: Together We Can All Make A Difference And Save The Mets

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Fan Post: Together We Can All Make A Difference And Save The Mets

Though to most baseball fans the season has just begun, to many Mets fans it was over before it started. The Mets were welcomed at the beginning of the season by five fans covering their faces in shame with brown paper bags and chanting “sell the Mets.” After being sued for $1 Billion by Bernie […]

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In Alderson We Trust?

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Remember 1986? Wasn’t it great? We had Gary and Keith, Doc and Darryl, Lenny and Wally, Mookie and Frank. Frank???? Frank who? Remember the miracle of 1969? What an amazin’ year? Tom and Jerry, Cleon and Agee, Swoboda and Shamsky, Buddy and Johnny. Johnny??? Who the hell was Johnny? The Frank I’m referring to was […]

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Amazin’ Mets Perks and Holiday Packs Are Pretty Sweet!

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As part of my regular contributions to the site, I will also be posting regularly on some of the “off the field” stuff with regards to our beloved Mets. I’m talking about the business, marketing and promotional side of things. This could include anything ranging from a new addition to the Mets Museum, special Mets promotions and […]

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Mets Fans Are The Best Fans

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This is a bittersweet moment for me, as this is my last column on MetsMerized, at least as it stands now.  I’m moving on to pursue another opportunity that includes covering the Mets, so I’ll still be involved in the scene.  But I wanted to take this opportunity to thank Joe, the other staff writers […]

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Jose Reyes Is The Leader Of The Pack

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Look in the dugout during a Mets game.  If you see Jose Reyes smiling, laughing and dancing, you know the Mets are winning and contending.  If you see him anyway else, they are probably losing.  We saw it happen in 2006.  Reyes led the Mets with 194 hits, batting .300.  He hit 37 doubles, 19 […]

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Mets Renaissance Playing in the Bronx

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Did any of us think this would be possible some six weeks back? We’ve won eight straight, 12 of 13, and we just shut out our favorite team to hate in the Bronx! What a game! What performances! Gamesmanship, strategy, decision-making, fundamentals…concepts we only could have wished for last year at this time. Mets fans […]

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Mets Players Injured, Fans Hurting

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Along with the state-of-the-art scoreboards and sound system, top-notch restaurant amenities and beautifully manicured baseball field, there is one other notable offering at Citi Field. It is available only to the players, however, the fans are the ones affected by it. It is the curse of Citi Field. I don’t believe in superstition. There is no […]

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Mets Literally Add Insult To Injury

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For the first time in six years, the Mets began the second half of the season with a loss, falling a season-low 7 1/2 games behind the division leading Phillies. As if that wasn’t enough, last night the Mets were handed their second straight loss after the break, their eighth shutout of the season, and […]

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Get Ready For Fan-demonium In The Bronx

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Forget the players. Forget the standings. This is about the fans. It’s that time of year when New Yorkers come together – and get torn apart – over the love of the game and the love of their team. The Subway Series. Whether you are a Yankee fan or a Mets fan, you’re a proud […]

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