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Should Johan Santana Return to the Majors this Year?

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It has been reported that New York Mets pitcher Johan Santana had undergone an examination that revealed that he was suffering fatigue in his surgically repaired left shoulder. Santana will not resume throwing until his symptoms subside. However, Santana will continue to exercise and do some other baseball activities. Everything else during the exam was […]

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Mets Have Some Risky Rental Players

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With the trade deadline fast approaching, the Mets still appear uncertain about whether they’ll be buyers or sellers. Eventually, they’ll have to make a decision, and if they wind up being sellers, they possess several risky trade targets—possibly too risky to be thought of as rental players. The first of course is Jose Reyes. Though […]

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Do Reyes And Beltran Have Adrian Beltre Syndrome?

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Do Reyes And Beltran Have Adrian Beltre Syndrome?

For the first half of this season, Jose Reyes and Carlos Beltran have carried the Mets to the point where a year that looked utterly dismal from the outset actually has some hope. Both have performed well above expectations in coming off injuries from last season. However, these players’ performances inevitably lead to the following […]

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Is Reyes’ Injury A Good Thing?

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Okay before all you Mets fans bash me and say what is this kid smoking, take a second to think. Is this Reyes hamstring injury really all so bad? Yes I know Reyes has been the brightest light in an otherwise dark season for the New York Metropolitans. In what will end up being yet […]

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Capuano Has Been A Tough Luck Pitcher

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When looking at Chris Capuano’s stats, anyone unfamiliar with the Mets would think he’s having a pretty poor season. However, it’s been quite the opposite for the lefty. Capuano has actually pitched well for the Mets but has been the victim of some tough luck this season. He’s made 11 starts so far with a […]

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We Need More Mets With Dickey’s Warrior Mentality

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I have to give R.A. Dickey a lot of respect for what he did in his last start.  He went out there with a foot injury and made the best of it, despite giving up runs that eventually won the game for the Pirates.  Call me crazy, but overall he pitched well despite the obvious […]

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From Left Field: What Happens When Wright, Davis and Pagan Return?

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Though setbacks have delayed their return to action, Angel Pagan, David Wright and Ike Davis will eventually be healthy enough to play. In fact, Pagan is expected back in the lineup this Friday. While last night’s game was a poor indicator, the Mets have actually played some good baseball without three of their regulars players. […]

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The Mets Are Still Finding Interesting Ways To Lose

An article by posted on May 17, 2011 0 Comments

I am happier than anyone with how the Mets have been playing lately. The team is getting offensive production from unlikely sources, the bullpen has been miraculous and Mike Pelfrey seems to be getting back on track. However, all of a sudden, shades of the 2009 injury plague have crept back to the team. David […]

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Is F-Mart Still A Viable Prospect?

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Fernando Martinez is 22, still young enough in the sport where he’s graded most on potential. However, the past few years have been rough on his body and he’s lost more games due to injury than anybody his age should have the right to. At one time Martinez was part of a group of three […]

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Could Mets Have Prevented Jenrry Mejia’s Torn MCL?

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As the Mets reported yesterday, Jenrry Mejia has a “complete” tear of the MCL ligament in in his right elbow and will be lost for the season and perhaps longer.. Our own John Delcos is skeptical, The Mets eschewed an opportunity last season to deal Mejia, and the thinking at the time was sound. He […]

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Doug’s Dugout: Big Hopes, Big Injuries, Bigger Heads

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In Doug’s Dugout today we discuss: Opening Day, how to follow the Mets this season, and the sad case of Barry Bonds. Are there any two words sweeter to a baseball fan than, “Opening Day?” On Friday, we get to utter it, with one caveat: It’s a night tilt. How awful is that? Opening Day […]

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