Ben Sheets And Show Me The Money

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Ben Sheets is by no means the only selfish ballplayer.  In fact he’s just one of the vast majority.  But I chose to pick on him because his name is so prominent in the news right now, as he tries to find a team to gamble and guarantee him a lot of money. If you […]

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Mets Buzz: Bay Today? National Treasure? Rising Son?

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Bay Watch Redux The Jason Bay saga continues for yet another day as both sides continue to hold firm on their positions. The Mets of course, are yet unwilling to budge from their original 4 year offer, while the Bay camp insists it will take a deal longer than 4 years for them to agree. […]

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ESPN’s Peter Gammons Offers A Different Outlook

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Last week, I presented a piece by ESPN’s Jayson Stark, who offered a dismal outlook for the Mets in 2010 and beyond. You can read that blog, entitled Fixing the Mets: Just Blow It All Up. You may remember this memorable quote from Stark, Their season hasn’t just been a disappointment. It’s been a Freddy Krueger movie. […]

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Lenny Dykstra is a Ticking Time Bomb

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Lenny Dykstra is a shell of his former self, at least to those of us Mets fans who grew up in the ‘70’s and ‘80’s.  We knew the Dykstra who led off for the ’86 team and played center field with reckless abandon, the one who won Game 3 of the ’86 NLCS with a […]

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Fixing The Mets: Just Blow It All Up

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Jayson Stark of ESPN had a feature yesterday and may have some of you feeling a little uncomfortable as he attempts to dissect the Mets season and offer a sneak peak into the future, which he believes is quite bleak. Their season hasn’t just been a disappointment. It’s been a Freddy Krueger movie. But at […]

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A Last Ditch Effort and Olney Puts The ESP Into ESPN

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WFAN is reporting that the Mets are trying to convince Billy Wagner to reconsider his stance on invoking his no-trade clause at this moment. They must really be hooked on whatever the Red Sox were offering… Either that or they just want to shed that $3.5 million dollars left on their obligation to Wagner. My […]

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Mets Are Becoming The Butt Of ESPN’s Jokes

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Has anyone been watching SportsCenter recently?  I happened to be watching this morning and noticed another Not Top 10 list.  Immediately, I remembered the recent Not Top 10 where they focused on the Mets.  Apparently, the Mets’ follies had become fodder for jokes in Bristol.  The SportsCenter crew couldn’t contain themselves as they were running […]

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At Least ESPN Finds The Mets Entertaining…

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Here is a sobering video of the Mets worst plays of the season according to ESPN. I warn you that this is definitely not for the squeamish. Can you believe that this Mets team was predicted to win the World Series by Sports Illustrated? Is it time to think about 2010 yet? A hat tip to […]

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Wright Helps A Dream Come True

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While Mets fans are pulling their hair out and arguing over what the organization should do to make the team better, ESPN and David Wright along with other dream players have taken a moment to help bring smiles to critically ill children through the Make-A-Wish program. Make-A-Wish Foundation, Walt Disney Company and ESPN have come together once […]

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White Sox Make Deal For Jake Peavy, Pending Approval

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In the first major trade of the young season, the Chicago White Sox may have just landed themselves on of the games top pitchers, Jake Peavy. According to a report on ESPN by Peter Gammons, The San Diego Padres have agreed to trade staff ace Jake Peavy to the Chicago White Sox and are waiting […]

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