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Speaking Of Tickets… Mets Want You To Be The Tenth Man!

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The Mets want you to be their Tenth Man! Check out this brand new Mets Personalized Video where you become the star and the MVP! Come on – You know you want to! Original Post 6:00 AM This actually saddened me a little when I read it, but according to the Bergen Record, things weren’t […]

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Hey Mets Fans, Cay You Carry A Tune?

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METS HOST ANNUAL ANTHEM SEARCH NEXT MONDAY, MARCH 14 AT CITI FIELD Anthem Search Winners Will Earn Opportunity to Sing the National Anthem Before a 2011 Mets Home Game FLUSHING, N.Y., March 7, 2011 – The New York Mets today announced they will hold their annual Anthem Search Monday, March 14 at 11:00 a.m. at […]

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Latest On Madoff Lawsuit: Cuomo To Mediate, Junk Bond Rating

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Latest On Madoff Lawsuit: Cuomo To Mediate, Junk Bond Rating

A federal bankruptcy judge in Manhattan appointed former New York Gov. Mario Cuomo on Thursday to serve as a mediator in the legal dispute between the Mets owners and the court-appointed trustee trying to recover money for victims of Madoff’s Ponzi scheme. According to the NY Times, the trustee, Irving H. Picard, has accused Mets owners […]

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Doug’s Dugout: Hot Flashes and Frozen Treats

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In Doug’s Dugout today we discuss, The Wilpons, Jose’ Reyes moving cross-town, and other frozen thoughts: The only truth gleaned from the news that the Wilpons are seeking a partner to buy 25% of the Mets is that they may have lied to Mets fans. Since the Bernie Madoff scandal broke, and their names attached, they […]

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Jose Reyes: As Reyes Goes, So Goes The Mets

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OK, so that phrase is very overused, but you have to admit it’s true. What you are about to read, Mets fans, should look like solid gold on your screen. “I feel 100 percent,” said Jose Reyes. “I feel pain free.” No more thyroid issues, no more oblique problems, no more batting third, and simply […]

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What Would Bay and Wright Say If They Got The Chance?

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An interesting tweet from Rustin C. Dodd, a writer for kansascity.com via MetsBlog that really makes one wonder. Best Royals quote of 2011 so far? Jeff Francoeur on hitting in the Mets’ spacious park: “Citi Field is a damn joke.” No current Met has ever had anything negative to say about the vastness of Citi Field, but plenty […]

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Recap From Citi Field Kids Day

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Yesterday at Citi Field, the Mets hosted their first of six annual Citi Field Kids Days, where children from all over the New York area are treated to a private tour of the Mets clubhouse and a complimentary lunch. The kids and the media filed into the Mets clubhouse for a brief presentation and, to […]

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Why Chris Young Benefits the Mets

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As our own Hojo’s Mojo reported earlier this afternoon, Chris Young and the Mets have agreed to a deal, thus ending weeks of speculation of where and when he will sign.  It has taken the Mets and Chris Young forever, it seems like, to sign a deal.  But in the end, the signing will benefit the […]

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Citi Field Never Looked So Good

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I got treated to a great link in our chat room yesterday that pretty much blew me away when it opened up. Check out this amazing rendition of Citi Field by the critically acclaimed New York artist, Borbay. This guy is a genius. You need to visit Borbay’s site where he takes you through a complete […]

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Mets Won’t Pay More than $1.5 Million on Next Starter

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  Adam Rubin of ESPNNewYork.com is reporting that the Mets reportedly will not pay the next starter they sign more than 1.5 million guaranteed dollars, which is what the Mets gave Chris Capuano.  This has not been confirmed by any means, but if this is indeed true, I would now cross Jeff Francis off the list as […]

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