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Will Any Met Hit 20 Homers This Season?

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the Mets and their opponents have suffered from a power outage this season. But it’s not just at home, because the Mets have brought their power outage on the road as well.

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Carlos Beltran To Have MRI On Ailing Knee

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According to David Lennon of Newsday, Carlos Beltran is hurting again from the bone bruise below his right knee and he plans to get an MRI soon to find out the extent of the damage. “I just want to make sure it’s not going to get worse,” Beltran told Newsday this afternoon. “If it can […]

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Will Mets Be Power-less Against Phillies, Yanks?

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In what should be a very telling week for the Mets, they face off against their two fiercest rivalries; the Philadelphia Phillies and the New York Yankees. The Yankees have knocked out 88 homeruns which is ranked number two in all of baseball second only to the Texas Rangers who have one more at 89. The Phillies […]

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Mets Fans Are Grumbling While The Team Is Stumbling

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As the injuries have been piling up for the Mets over the past few weeks and the losses to teams like the Pirates and Nationals continue, Mets fans have come out in droves complaining about the team and their chances to make any kind of noise in the National League East.  To those fans, I […]

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Mets Injury Update: Beltran Back, Delgado, Schneider, Cora

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Carlos Beltran is listed as day-to-day and is due back from a bone bruise on his right knee tonight against the Marlins. On Wednesday, Beltran said he was feeling 100% better and that he would be ready to play on Friday. Manuel said Beltran will start in center field. Alex Cora is on the 15 day DL […]

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Why Are The Mets So Bad At Handling Injuries?

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This team when it comes to handling injuries is just horrible.  We saw it last year with Ryan Church’s concussion in Atlanta.  The Mets gave him a game off, flew him to Colorado and had him playing while suffering a concussion.  It was a major setback to the season as Church was not the same […]

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Does Minaya Deserve Some Heat For The Delgado Situation?

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Injuries, poor performance, Jerry’s invisible dog house, and expectations that were way off, have shaped the current Mets into something nobody could have imagined on April 1st. Omar’s master plan had too many holes and much like last season, it’s success was hinging on a huge contribution from a soon to be 37-year old slugger in […]

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Are You Hanging On For This Roller Coaster Ride?

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Okay, I’ll admit that even though I live in the central time zone, I’m not staying up until midnight or later to watch our Mets. And I’m certainly not going to watch as they are on the big drop portion of the roller coaster ride that is the 2009 season.

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Omar Minaya: Murphy’s Our First Baseman, No DL For Reyes

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According to Adam Rubin of the Daily News, here are the main points covered during Omar Minaya’s conference call with the media. 1. As most of you already know, Carlos Delgado will be out an estimated ten weeks after surgery to repair his hip injury. The ten weeks is estimated based on the track record […]

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David Wright Please Take The Reins!

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During Sunday’s game on ESPN I was trying to drown out Joe Morgan and crew but one thing did get my attention was their talk of leadership.  It’s something that we on this site have talked about for years now.  In my mind and other Met fans the leader of this franchise is David Wright.  […]

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It’s Time To Consider Our Trade Options

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Last nights loss coupled with the loss of first baseman Carlos Delgado for an extended period of time, is enough for me to begin to consider some serious options in terms of a trade. First lets consider the whys… 1. The experiment in leftfield with Dan Murphy has been shelved because Jerry Manuel feels he […]

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