If Not In New York, Then Where For David Wright?

A few days back, a group of friends and myself spent Labor Day weekend having fun and talking sports, as per the usual. The topic of the Mets came up with the normal insults being thrown around by the Yankee fans and us few Met fans valiantly trying to defend what little the team has, mostly David Wright. Then the topic of what the team will do with Wright reared it’s ugly head, and the general consensus was that Wright would stay a Met, maybe.

It is almost a sin to think about David Wright not playing for the New York Mets, in fact it pains me to write about it. He is without question the face of the team and it’s best player. Yet as we draw closer and closer to the offseason, where Sandy has promised that he would work out an extension for the All-Star third baseman, the what-ifs begin to come up. If they can’t come to a deal, will the Mets pick up Wrights option and go through 2013 with his free agency hanging over the team ala Jose Reyes in 2011?

Or will something that many think is unthinkable happen? Will the Mets deal Wright during the winter? I am inclined to think no seeing as Citi Field is already a ghost town and that may be the final nail in the coffin, but if it were to happen, where would he end up? There aren’t many teams in the league that couldn’t use a player of Wright’s caliber, but here a few that top the list.

San Francisco Giants: If Wright goes on the block, the Giants would certainly be calling. Yes, the have Pablo Sandoval but with his ability to move to first and Brandon Belt to play the outfield, Wright could be the perfect fit for San Fran. Combined with Buster Posey, the Giants would have a middle of the order that could go toe-to-toe with the now loaded Dodgers and the pitching to be one of the best teams in baseball. They also have the prospects and the afore mentioned pitching depth to out together an impressive package that could entice Alderson. Plus the fact that the teams have done business frequently in Alderson’s tenure is always a plus.

Cincinnati Reds: A team with a stellar bullpen, good starting pitching, and a fantastic offense may not have the need for Wright, but I wouldn’t count them out. Scott Rolen’s time is running out as a full time major league third baseman and while Todd Frazier has tremendous power and can play third base, is still a rookie. The possibility of adding Wright to a team with Joey Votto, Bradon Phillips, and Jay Bruce would be a nightmare for the rest of the league. Cincinnati has the prospects to move and could view Wright as the final piece to a World Series. If the Reds offered a package for Wright that includes, say baseballs fastest man Billy Hamilton and other blue-chip prospects, could Alderson say no?

Pittsburgh Pirates: The feel good story in baseball, the Pirates are a team with young talent and a superstar in Andrew McCutchen. They currently have Pedro Alvarez at third base, who has great power but is wildly inconsistent. David Wright would make this team legitimate, and could be the piece that pushes Pittsburgh past the Reds. A team that has a loaded farm system with both pitching and position talent, could put together a great package of prospects, if the Mets were willing to listen.

New York Yankees: Would there be a bigger nightmare for Met fans then to see David Wright playing in the Bronx? Alex Rodriguez is moving towards becoming a full-time DH and signing Wright to any deal is no problem for the Yankees. The question would be, what can the Yankees offer the Mets to make this trade. It would need to be a kings ransom of can’t miss prospects for Alderson to make this highly unlikely trade happen. Yet when it comes to the leagues superstars, it is hard to ever count the Bombers out of the running.

Oakland Athletics: My biggest wild-card team out there due to its GM Billy Beane. Beane could bring Wright in for the beginning of the season to form a great middle of the order with Josh Reddick and Yoenis Cespedes, and come July easily move Wright for even better prospects that he gave up in the deal to acquire him. Option two for Beane would be keep Wright and gather compensation picks, which he also loves to do, when Wright signs somewhere else. Wright would bring a great veteran presence to a young, talented team and could help Beane finally win the last game of the season. Oakland’s deep farm system means they could trade some of it’s young major league level pitching for Wright and then easily replace them from within. Plus, there is the whole Moneyball relationship between Beane and Sandy. Something to keep an open mind about…

Again this is all speculation. I deep down do not think Wright leaves Queens and becomes the first Mets superstar to be drafted a Met and stay a Met. That being said, do you agree with this list? Who else belongs on it? Perhaps Baltimore, who can sell David on coming close to home? Atlanta? They need someone to replace Chipper. Maybe even St. Louis, where David could be reunited with Carlos Beltran. Let the speculation begin.