Mets Thoughts

The Gotham Dark Slight

September 6, 2015 Joe Spector

So if you had to guess what grand, world changing event that would bring me out of my self-induced absence from the world of blogging, you’d have a […]

Mets Thoughts

Deal or No Deal?

August 15, 2014 Joe Spector

There’s an old saying in baseball, “Pitching wins championships”. As far as I can remember, that quote always rang true even if it was often overused. If you […]

Mets Thoughts

Righting The Wrongs

May 6, 2014 Joe Spector

Usually I’m not the type to tell someone “I told you so”. It’s annoying at best and at its worst it can make you want to slug the […]

MLB Thoughts

The Curious Case Of PED’s

August 8, 2013 Joe Spector

With the revelations of the Biogenesis investigation by MLB coming to the forefront this week, just about every sportswriter has put in his or her two cents regarding […]

Mets Thoughts

Reign Delay?

January 14, 2013 Joe Spector

As I was driving home the other night, I was listening to Casey Stern and Jim Bowden on the MLB Network Radio channel on XM. They were discussing […]