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Ruben Tejada: Stage Fright?

March 13, 2014 John Strubel

During a commercial break on my sports talk show a well-known New York sportswriter said to me, you know what’s wrong with Roberto Alomar? He has stage fright. It […]

Mets Thoughts

2013 Season Review: Daniel Murphy, 2B

October 11, 2013 Joe D

DANIEL MURPHY, 2B PRESEASON EXPECTATIONS As often has been the case with Daniel Murphy, expectations were moderate at best. If given the chance, the Mets would have replaced […]

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Mets Thoughts

The Mets Malocchio

May 23, 2011 Joe Spector

It’s been a while since I last posted with fatherhood taking a great deal of my free time. So let me begin by saying I hope everyone who […]