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Around the Diamond: The Straw That Stirred Right Field

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Around the Diamond: The Straw That Stirred Right Field

No other position has seen more turnover at the starting spot for the Mets than Right Field. In 52 seasons, they have seen 33 different players who would be classified as the “primary” player at the position. Darryl Strawberry was the man for eight of those seasons. The other 44 seasons saw 32 different players. […]

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20+ Years Of Musical Chairs In Right Field Since Strawberry Left

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This was originally posted two years ago on January 11, 2011, and was written by the brilliant Ed Leyro. With all the fuss about the Mets outfield these days, I thought this was a nice reminder that at least where right field is concerned, it’s been 22 years and we still haven’t found a suitable […]

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And Then There Was One…The Almost Opening Day Roster

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With today’s news that Luis Hernandez, Nick Evans and Pat Misch were placed on waivers, the opening day roster is essentially in place, with the last bench spot expected to be going to newly minted super-utility man Daniel Murphy. The last expected bullpen slot is a footrace between Blaine Boyer, who appears to have a […]

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What Beltran’s Move To Right Means For Mets

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Today, the New York Mets announced that three-time Gold Glove center fielder, Carlos Beltran, will be shifting to right field this season. Beltran missed the entire first half of last season, which allowed current Mets’ center fielder Angel Pagan to show his skills at the position. Beltran is 33 years old and entering the final […]

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After Strawberry, It’s Been 20 Years of Musical Chairs In Right Field

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Ask any Mets fan who the greatest rightfielder in franchise history is and before you get to the word “franchise”, you’ll get your answer – Darryl Strawberry.  Now ask them who the best rightfielder is after the Straw Man and you’ll hear crickets. It’s no surprise that no one can name the second best rightfielder […]

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At Least We’re Set In Right Field For 2010

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As I wrote back when the Mets first acquired him, the Mets were the big winners when they dumped the lackluster Church in exchange for the young righthanded former first rounder, Jeff Francoeur. About a week and a half later, I indicated that his recent hitting woes were simply a matter of making adjustments. Here […]

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2007 Mets Report Cards: Center Field, Right Field

An article by posted on October 14, 2007

The final of the outfielders will be reviewed tonight. We’re short one staff member, but he’ll be back to review on Tuesday. Carlos Beltran, Lastings Milledge, Marlon Anderson and Shawn Green will all be reviewed in this blog. Here we go! Center Field (Carlos Beltran)  Ryan P. – Carlos Beltran played a great 2007. He […]

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