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The Mets Catching Situation

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In a Mets offseason that will be dominated by one huge name—Jose Reyes—other major needs may go overlooked. That’s partially because the Mets will try hard to keep Reyes and also because the team is still not financially sound. When we think of the Mets roster, we immediately say we need pitching, pitching and more […]

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Could B.J. Upton and Grady Sizemore Be CF Options For Mets

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Could B.J. Upton and Grady Sizemore Be CF Options For Mets

Buster Olney of ESPN.com reported that the Tampa Bay Rays will “probably” trade B.J. Upton over the offseason. The Rays came close to dealing their center fielder to the Washington Nationals prior to the trade deadline, but weren’t able to agree on the pieces before time ran out. Upton made $4.825 million in 2011 and is due for […]

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From Left Field: The Status Quo

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With the World Series just around the corner, the MLB offseason hot stove can’t some soon enough for us Mets fans. But just like last offseason, the Mets will likely be watching as the other NL East teams improve while they sit tight. The team is looking to shed payroll rather than add it, so […]

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Big Money, Big Busts

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I wish I had a dollar for everytime I saw Mets fans bemoaning the Mets offseason a year ago for not going after one of these players; especially Crawford and Dunn. 7 Years, $142,000,000 After a 2010 season in which he produced a line that looked like this: .307/.356/.495 Crawford completely tanked in Boston this […]

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Get Ready For New Season Of Mets Hot Stove Weakly

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It looks like by the sound of things yesterday from Sandy Alderson, there will be little to no improvement made to this years team that finished in fourth place with a 77-85 record. The GM confirmed that payroll will be in the $100 to $110 range. That means if they sign Reyes to an annual […]

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Shut Up With The “Moneyball Mets”!

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I came across a piece yesterday (linked by Craig Lerner in his article) by Dave Lennon of Newsday that caught my eye. Is the ”Moneyball” approach paying off for the Mets? In some respects, the answer to that question is yes, as they have climbed to the top of the National League in targeted offensive categories […]

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Rockies Place Waiver Claim On Wright

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According to Troy Renck of the Denver Post, the Colorado Rockies were one of many teams that put a waiver claim on Mets’ third baseman David Wright. It’s unclear who was awarded the claim, but the Mets have made it known that they aren’t trading Wright. Teams do this all the time, and while the Mets […]

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Should Mets Attempt To Re-Sign Carlos Beltran During Offseason?

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With all the hype this week surrounding Carlos Beltran and the trade deadline, I felt it necessary to throw in my two cents. Most likely, before the week is through, Beltran will be playing for another team. I’m normally optimistic about matters concerning the Mets, but I’m definitely realistic when it comes to this impending […]

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Does The K-Rod Trade Make The Mets Buyers?

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Now with the Mets having cleared one of their biggest offseason worries in the Francisco Rodriguez vesting option, does that make the Mets buyers during the trade deadline? — Although a game has yet to be played after the All-Star break, this Mets team already takes on a new appearance. The bullpen corps is comprised […]

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Wright Hopefully Not Going Anywhere

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If the Mets could only keep one of their young superstars to be the face of the franchise for the next decade, would you choose Jose Reyes or David Wright? This is a very difficult question since each comes with a certain price tag and skillset. In a perfect world, the Mets will be able […]

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