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Imports From Colorado Could Be Mile-High Disappointments For Mets

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When it comes two building a championship team for next season, the names Matt Holliday and Jason Bay usually spearhead the list as essential additions the club must make. However, the Mets will need more than just a single free agent slugger to be competitive in the National League East. The free agent market, as […]

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Holliday or Bay In Mets 2010 Outfield?

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Both Jason Bay and Matt Holiday’s season is now officially over as their teams were eliminated over the weekend, they now have a lot to consider as they are going to be free agents for the first time in both of their careers.  They were successful with both their clubs this year and have been […]

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Heyman Has The Scoop On The Mets

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Jon Heyman of SI.com dishes out some Mets tidbits on his blog the Daily Scoop. If you’re not already a subscriber to Jon’s blog, you should be. Heyman is by far the best resource out there during the Hot Stove Season. Early impression: The Mets favor Matt Holliday for left field over Jason Bay, though […]

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At An Organizational Crossroad, How Do The Mets Improve For 2010?

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As we approach the final four games of the 2009 regular season, any hope of spinning a positive ending to an otherwise dreadful season is pretty much lost. Despite the writing being on the wall since mid-Summer that the Mets would not be involved in post season play for the third straight year, Mets fans […]

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The Case To Bring Back Carlos Delgado

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At the start of the season it appeared that 2009 would most definitely be Carlos Delgado’s last season in the Big Apple. Well as we wrap of the final month of the season, Delgado appears to be as good as gone, especially after missing a majority of the season after undergoing hip surgery. However, the […]

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Cardinals Get Their Man – Acquire Matt Holliday

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ESPN is reporting that the Oakland A’s and St. Louis Cardinals have completed a trade that sends outfielder Matt Holliday to St. Louis in exchange for third baseman Brett Wallace, outfielder Shane Peterson and right-handed pitcher Clayton Mortensen. The A’s are also including $1.5 million cash in the deal. Wallace is considered an elite propspect and […]

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Where’s The Beef?

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Last night, while watching the Mets go down to the Braves 5-3, Gary Cohen repeated the score as the Mets headed into the ninth inning.  Out of the blue, Keith Hernandez wondered out loud when was the last time the Mets hit a three run homer. Neither he or Gary could remember when, and nor could […]

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Are The Mets Holding Out For Matt Holliday?

An article by posted on 02/03/2009

What if there’s a method to the Mets madness? Could it be possible that the Mets refrained from pursuing Manny Ramirez or any other left fielder because they believe they have a real chance at securing Matt Holliday at the trade deadline? Adam Rubin of the Daily News hinted as much today when he opened […]

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