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From Left Field: Why Harris over Hairston and Duda?

An article by posted on March 31, 2011 0 Comments

According to Adam Rubin of ESPN New York, Terry Collins prefers to use Willie Harris as the Mets’ Opening Day left fielder. Jason Bay will begin the year on the disabled list and won’t return until April 9 at the earliest. The Mets will carry young slugger Lucas Duda in Bay’s spot and will expect […]

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Hasta La Vista, Baby!

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As if going into a new season without Jeff Francoeur clogging up the lineup wasn’t improvement enough, Mets fans all over the world are absolutely rejoicing today as we bid farewell to Oliver Perez and Luis Castillo too. This is what addition by subtraction is all about! Usually we’d wish former players the best of luck, […]

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Daniel Murphy – The Functional Second Baseman

An article by posted on March 7, 2011 0 Comments

The battle for second base rages on, but the real battle for the second base competition has been based in assumptions with unproven characters (Turner, Murphy, Emaus) and a character that every Mets fan wishes won’t prove himself (Luis Castillo). Though its only spring training, I am putting my backing into camp Murphy. Here are […]

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Ram’s Rambles: Jose Reyes And OBP

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See those men pictured above? Jose Reyes and David Wright. Not too far back in the past, Reyes was “The most exciting player in baseball” and Wright was “The Prince of NY.” They are cornerstones of this organization and I hope  I still respect them both as much as I did two or three years […]

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From Left Field: Does Brad Emaus Deserve The Preseason Hype?

An article by posted on February 11, 2011 0 Comments

I love when MLB analysts, bloggers and fans release their picks for a team’s projected lineup heading into the season. In many cases, educated baseball fans arrive somewhere in the “ballpark” (no pun intended) of what the Opening Day lineup will look like. Since Terry Collins has given everyone a preview of at least two-thirds […]

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Has David Wright Become Underrated?

An article by posted on January 30, 2011 0 Comments

The franchise of the Mets, David Wright has become somewhat underrated in the baseball world. Ever since his less than dazzling 2009 campaign, Wright has not been held in the same high regard as he once was. Granted he has not been as good as 2007 and 2008, Wright is due a little more credit than […]

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Dillon Gee: Youngster Ready To Help Out In Any Capacity

An article by posted on January 23, 2011 0 Comments

It would have been difficult to recognize Dillon Gee at Citi Field Kids Day had he not been wearing his No. 35 jersey. He was sporting a dark beard and doesn’t exactly have the impressive frame of a Mike Pelfrey. But similar to Josh Thole, here’s another young guy who will do whatever it takes […]

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Josh Thole: A Rising Star

An article by posted on January 22, 2011 0 Comments

Of all the players at Citi Field Kids Day, I was most impressed by Josh Thole, who Terry Collins introduced as a rising young star in the National League. Even after speaking with Beningo and Roberts on WFAN in the morning and then fielding basically the same set of questions in the afternoon, Thole smiled […]

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Terry Collins Confirms His Lineup (Almost)

An article by posted on January 16, 2011 0 Comments

We are almost a month away from spring training, and already we are getting some information about the new Mets lineup for this season.  Adam Rubin of ESPNNewYork.com says that Terry Collins has confirmed what appears to be his new lineup for the Mets to the New York Post.  Well, almost.  The reason why I […]

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Making Sense of the Tankersley Signing

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The signing of LHP Taylor Tankersley on the surface appears to be a mediocre move, but an in-depth look reveals a method to the madness. Tankersley has been with the Marlins for his entire major league career so he knows the division. It is not a huge factor but is a slight benefit knowing the premiere bats in the NL East in advance. […]

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