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Something Is Definitely Up

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Some weird happenings are taking place in Metsville in the last few days. First, Jeff Wilpon and John Ricco make an unexpected stop in Atlanta on Monday to watch the Mets lose to the Bravos. It prompts Anthony DiComo of MLB.com, to suggest a potential shakeup was in the works. “With just over a month remaining in the […]

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Jerry Manuel Just Doesn’t Get It

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Jerry Manuel told the New York Post that he’d love to know his job status for next season. “Jerry Manuel admitted yesterday that he would ‘love to know’ if the organization plans to bring him back next season, but he also isn’t about to seek out GM Omar Minaya or Jeff Wilpon for an answer.  Manuel, whose […]

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Pain Management: Finding A Successor For Jerry Manuel

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As we await the inevitable firing of Mets manager Jerry Manuel, there’s no shortage of names in the Mets blogosphere for potential candidates. But much of what I’m hearing seems more like reliving the “good old days” rather than assuring we get the best person for the job. Ask most Mets fans and read most […]

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Oliver Perez Should Play This Season For The Mets!

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No,  I haven’t lost my mind. I don’t think Oliver Perez is a good player at all.  Ollie is not a team player, he plays for the name on the back of the jersey.  Perez has shown that he has no inclination to work on improving his game and giving something back to the team […]

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It Must Really Suck Being Jerry Manuel Right Now

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Last night after the game, Jerry Manuel was as un-optimistic as I’ve ever seen him. Even after a loss, he can usually be counted on to look for the positives and even crack a smile, but not last night. He looked like a battle wearied soldier. The fatigue of a long and frustrating season was clearly […]

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Like Sands Through The Hourglass…So Are The Days Of The New York Mets

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There seriously must be something brewing in the New York water supply and it’s having a mind numbing, logic nullifying, neuron destroying effect on it’s resident billionaires. How else can you explain the actions- or non-actions- of New York Mets owner Fred Wilpon to not right his sinking ship by tossing General Manager Omar Minaya […]

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A Clash Of Opinions: Should I Cheer Or Should I Boo?

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There is a lot of turmoil in Mets-tropolis.  R.A. Dickey was clashing with Jerry Manuel when the manager removed him from yesterday’s game.  The fans are clashing with the front office for not doing anything to improve the team.  What’s a blogger to do with all this clashing going on?  You guessed it.  It’s song […]

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Playing Not To Lose

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Along with SNY analyst Bobby Ojeda. fellow former 1986-’er Darryl Strawberry is calling out the team for not only leadership issues (or lack thereof) but for not putting “fear” into their opponents.  “They laugh at these Mets,” says Strawberry.  While I agree with him to a certain extent, he has to understand, as well as […]

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Manuel and Minaya Are Safe For Now

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According to Andy Martino of the Daily News, Jerry Manuel and Omar Minaya’s jobs are safe for now. The Mets have lost six of seven games since the All-Star break, but all indications are that manager Jerry Manuel and general manager Omar Minaya are in no immediate danger of losing their jobs. Minaya is making […]

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The Best Lineup Jerry Manuel Has Ever Posted

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I know I said I was going to discontinue posting lineups before each game near the end of last season. You can get the lineup at the pre-game show on SNY or MetsBlog, who posts it as soon as he gets it. But I had to make an exception today because as I read it […]

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