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5/13 Minor League Report! Mejia!

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Buffalo 1, Gwinnett 9 Not much to say about this one. The Bisons were bootstomped, right from the outset, with Brandon Knight giving up 5 runs in 5 innings, and then Carlos Muniz putting the game out of reach giving up 4 UER in the 6th. The Bisons were held to 5 hits, by Angel […]

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5/12 Minor League Report! GEE, NIEUWENHUIS!

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Buffalo 4, Gwinnett 3 in 11 innings Tim McNab picked up a cheap win (it’s the theme of the night), giving up a pair in the top of the 11th, (1 earned, due to a Fernando Martinez error), only to see the Bisons score 3 in the bottom half of the inning for the win. […]

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Nick Evans Is Having A Terrible Season

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Nick Evans has been called the first baseman of the future for the New York Mets and has been considered the heir apparent to Carlos Delgado. The Mets may have to rethink all of that in light of the tremendous struggles Evans is experiencing at AAA – Buffalo. In 75 at-bats for the Bisons, Evans […]

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5/11 Minor League Report! STONER!

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Buffalo 5 (OMG FIVE!), Norfolk 3 (OMG A WIN!) Yes, Buffalo increased their win total by 16.67%, from 6 to 7. Unfortunately, the other number on the ledger is a 22, as in 22 losses. The third is a 15, as in 15 games out of first place. Jesus Feliciano, Fernando Martinez and Michel Abreu […]

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5/10 Minor League Report! DUDA, BOWMAN!

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Buffalo 1, Norfolk 3 Another game, another woeful offensive showing from the Bisons. This time, they managed just a run on 4 hits and 3 walks, going 1 for 11 with RISP and leaving 5 on base. Cory Sullivan (1 for 3, BB, K, .208), Argenis Reyes (white hot Argenis Reyes, 2 for 3, run, […]

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5/9 Minor League Report! BOWMAN, PELLOT, DOYLE, Ratliff!

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Buffalo 1, Norfolk 5 Kyle Snyder got tagged with the loss, giving up just an UER over 4 innings (thanks to a Jose Coronado error). Carlos Muniz continues to be very subpar in relief for the Bisons, he’s now given up 7 earned runs in his last 3 innings, and has a 7.62 era on […]

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5/8 Minor League Report! FERNANDO, Thole, FAMILIA!

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I got this via comment on MetsMerized (which is an all purpose Mets blog, which everyone should definitely visit) on the 4/30 Minor League Report (I post it there, as well as NYFS and my blog, MetsProspectHub, and yeah, it’s been a couple weeks, but um…I just figured out how to find my posts and […]

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5/7 Minor League Report: Bowman, Antonini!

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Buffalo 6, Lehigh Valley 4 Dillon Gee had another rough outing in Buffalo today, allowing 4 runs on 7 hits in 4 innings, but the Bisons bullpen turned in 5 innings of 1 hit shutout relief, allowing the much maligned offense a chance to come back, which they did on this morning. The offense had […]

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5/6 Minor League Report! TEJADA, HOLT, Allen!

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Buffalo 1, Lehigh Valley 2 Yeah, well…at least Fernando’s hot. 2 more hits (2b, 3b) and he raises his average back to .287. Tim Redding was very good over his 6 innings, allowing just a run on 6 hits with 5 Ks. Outside of that…in the word of my friend Joey DeMayo…plop. Willy Mo Pena […]

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5/5 Minor League Report! Duda, HENRIQUEZ, Niesen!

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Buffalo 0, Lehigh Valley 3 Nelson Figueroa gave up 2 runs on 3 hits in 5 innings, enough to take the loss as the Bisons managed just 3 hits on offense, from just two players. Jesus Feliciano (2 for 3, .311) and Ramon Martinez (1 for 3, 3 for 6) had the hits, everyone else […]

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