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2007 Mets Report Cards: Coaching/Management

An article by posted on October 22, 2007

    This is it guys. The final report card. And today, we’re gonna grade the Coaching Staff and the Management. It’s been a fun ride; these past two weeks have been a blast. Thank you Met fans for believeing and hearing what we have to say. We truly appreciate it. Coaching Staff & Management(Willie […]

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2007 Mets Report Cards: Bullpen

An article by posted on October 19, 2007

    This is going to be a shortened edition. A full issue will return tomorrow.  Are you ready? Are you ready for that grade for the bullpen? Oh boy, you better get your belts fastened because we’re going to take a bumpy ride. Here we go! Ryan P. – Seriously. Last year our bullpen […]

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2007 Mets Report Cards: Starting Pitching

An article by posted on October 16, 2007

  The staff decided to have starting pitching it’s own part since it was so big. Part Five of this seven part series will feature the ever-so-commented Mets starting pitching. It’s obvious this was one of the Mets problems this year, but was it their worst? Get ready to do your reading. We have alot […]

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2007 Mets Report Cards: Center Field, Right Field

An article by posted on October 14, 2007

The final of the outfielders will be reviewed tonight. We’re short one staff member, but he’ll be back to review on Tuesday. Carlos Beltran, Lastings Milledge, Marlon Anderson and Shawn Green will all be reviewed in this blog. Here we go! Center Field (Carlos Beltran)  Ryan P. – Carlos Beltran played a great 2007. He […]

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2007 Mets Report Cards: Catcher, Left Field

An article by posted on October 12, 2007

    Part III of the Mets Merized Report Cards features the catcher position and the left field position. Today we’re basically going to talk about Paul Lo Duca, Ramon Castro, Moises Alou, and Endy Chavez. Two extremely positions, two grades, six writers. Here we go! Catcher (Paul Lo Duca & Ramon Castro) Ryan P. […]

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2007 Mets Report Cards: Shortstop, Third Base

An article by posted on October 10, 2007

    Another day, another bunch of grades. Today we’re going to be grading the two Mets superstars: Jose Reyes and David Wright. I’m still going to grade them by position, even though Reyes and Wright spent 99% of the time at those position. Here we go! Shortstop (Jose Reyes) Ryan P. Well, from the […]

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2007 Mets Report Cards: First Base, Second Base

An article by posted on October 8, 2007

    Today starts the first part of the Mets report cards. Six staff members for Mets Merized, including myself, each compiled a grade for each position and it’s respective player(s). Without futher ado, I present to you the Met Merized 2007 Report Cards. The first part will feature First Base and Second Base. First […]

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Mets Minor League Report: Final Stats

An article by posted on September 16, 2007

Yes folks, this is the last edition of the Minor League Report. I’ll just go through a quick recap of the teams that made the playoffs, and their results, and the records and such for the other teams. AAA – New Orleans Zephyrs The Zephyrs finished the regular season winning the PCL American South division […]

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From The Orange Seats – The Future is Bright… Real Bright

An article by posted on August 7, 2007

This will be my last blog for August, both ‘Orange Seats and the Minor League Report. I’m taking a two-week vacation with my family. So, yeah. I’ll be back the 26th. On with the blog! Sitting in front of a computer while watching some SNY made me think, what does the future hold for us? […]

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It’s Official – Mets acquire Luis Castillo from Twins

An article by posted on July 30, 2007

According to FOXSports, Mets acquired second baseman Luis Castillo from the Twins for Class AA catcher Drew Butera and Class A outfielder Dustin Martin. Castillo will replace Jose Valentin as the starting second basemen. With the Twins, Luis Castillo is batting .304 with 18 RBIs and a .356 on-base percentage. In my opinion, a great […]

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