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My name is Elliot and I’ve been writing the Game Preview posts at MMO since 2008. I am excited to be back sharing my thoughts with you. When I’m not watching the Mets, I’m a Physics Teacher in Newark, NJ and writing about the Mets at 213 Miles From Shea. LGM!

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Get To Know a Prospect: Reese Havens

An article by posted on January 7, 2009

In the 2008 Baseball Draft, the Mets selected Reese Havens, a shortstop/infielder out of the University of South Carolina. Despite his struggles this past season with Brooklyn, mainly due to injuries, he is receiving praise and hype. Baseball America named him number 8 on the Mets top 2009 Prospect List. He only played in 23 […]

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Winter League Action: Fmart, Padilla, Casanova

An article by posted on January 4, 2009

The Mexico League, Venezuela League, PR League and the DR League all have playoffs going on right now which mean there are plenty of Mets, former Mets and minor League Mets that remain in action and several Mets had big nights last night. The first one is Fmart, who had an excellent Regular Winter Season […]

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Venezuela Playoffs Start: Krod Gets Save

An article by posted on January 3, 2009

While here in the states we are gearing up for the NFL playoffs which start later today, the Winter League Playoffs are under way and the Venezuela League started their playoffs yesterday. The four teams are facing off with La Guaira against Caracas and Aragua against Lara. La Guaira won 4-3 in a close game […]

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Andruw Jones On the Mets? Unlikley But…

An article by posted on December 30, 2008

When I hear the last name Jones, the three things that pop up in my mind are Chipper, Andruw, and my disdain for the Atlanta Braves. The trade winds have been whirling and there are now rumors that Andruw could be coming to New York as a Met to play right field. Now if one […]

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Did the Nationals get a gem in Daniel Cabrera?

An article by posted on December 21, 2008

The Nationals signed Daniel Cabrera yesterday to a one year, 2.6 million dollar deal where it seems that they beat out the Pirates and the Mets among others to get the big pitcher. How big is this signing? Well right now it seems pretty small. Living in Baltimore, I am very familiar with Cabrera’s stuff. […]

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Rule V Draft Thus Far

An article by posted on December 11, 2008

Although it is hard to break concentration from our new amazing back end of the bullpen, we have to take time to look at the Mets Rule V picks so far. According the Metsblog.com, at this time the Mets have selected Darren O’Day and Rocky Cherry in the MLB Rounds. Then they selected Carl Codenthal and […]

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Seeing Sports from Another Perspective Part 3

An article by posted on December 2, 2008

Don’t forget to refresh your memory on Part 1 and Part 2 The stadium emptied pretty quickly, mostly due to the blow out score of the Ravens beating the Eagles 37-7. As soon as the sectioned emptied that I was working at, we immediately began the next assignment which was combing every seat in every […]

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Seeing Sports from Another Perspective Part 2

An article by posted on November 25, 2008

Part 1 Can Be Found Here. On Sunday, I had the opportunity to work at M&T Stadium for a Ravens Game, and this is the second part of my description of what it is like to see sports from another perspective. After our lunch break was over, which was about 1:50, we got moved to […]

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The Mets Bullpen: The Age and ERA game (against the Rumored New Guys)

An article by posted on November 15, 2008

Over the last week, there are four pitchers that have been attached to becoming New York Mets in the pen, Fuentes, Cordero, Cruz, and Beimel. At the same time, there are three Mets who are being shopped around; Heilman, Feliciano, and Schoenweis. The three that are being shopped are slightly older than the average player […]

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Today is the Day We Have Been Waiting for: The Start of the Free Agency Season

An article by posted on November 14, 2008

When the clock struck midnight about 9 and half hours ago, and the calender flipped from Thursday the 13th to Friday the 14th, the planets realigned themselves and it was time for the Sport Superstar agent to make lots of money. All joking aside, this is the day we have been waiting for because although […]

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