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Where’s Our Moment in the Sun?

An article by posted on 30/10/2008

I couldn’t bear to watch the conclusion of Game 5 last night. I turned it on to check the score and then immediately turned it back off. The Philadelphia Phillies, our arch rivals, had won the World Series. There’s a guy that lives on my street that has erected a Phillies flag and a Phillies […]

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The Case Against Trading For a Closer

An article by posted on 28/10/2008

The closer free agent market is pretty limited to just K-Rod and Fuentes, but there are a good number of closers that can be acquired based on trade. Is that right way to go? My gut inclination right now is just screaming NO. The Players we would acquire through trade would make us have to […]

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How Will It Affect the Mets If the Phillies Win It All?

An article by posted on 27/10/2008

I may not know everything about the wonderful game of baseball just yet, but I do know that if your arch rivals knock you out of first place and go on to win it all, it can’t be a good thing. I’ve heard several theories both ways. Most of us definitely want the Phillies to choke. Yeah, […]

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Where Will All Of This Lead Us?

An article by posted on 26/10/2008

It seems like an eternity since the Mets’ season crashed and burned into another bitter end. The last three weeks have enabled us to dissect the failures and successes of what could have been, and all of us seem to have our own answers and our own fixes for this team that we all love so […]

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Fernando Tatis Wins Comeback Player of the Year

An article by posted on 23/10/2008
Fernando Tatis Wins Comeback Player of the Year

The Mets got some good news today as the winners of this season’s Players Choice Comeback Players of the Year were announced. Fernando Tatis was the overwhelming choice in the National League. The following is from the official announcement… Perseverance and dedication took center stage today as Major League baseball players named Cleveland Indians pitcher […]

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K-Rod Is Back On The Table

An article by posted on 22/10/2008

About two weeks ago, several bloggers including myself, raised the specter of not getting too caught up in the Mets going after Angels closer, Frankie Rodriguez. Many different sources were cited and even some of the signals we were getting from the organization seemed to be in par with the Mets not really considering K-Rod […]

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# 37, Casey Stengel

An article by posted on 21/10/2008

This week I will start an off-season feature where I’ll take a look back at the life and career of some influential people, both on and off the field, in the history of our beloved Mets. It’s only fitting that the initial one be dedicated to our first manager. Charles Dillon Stengel was born in […]

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Get Rid Of Castillo Or Get Ready For The Boo Birds At CitiField

An article by posted on 19/10/2008

Whether it is deserved or not, Luis Castillo has become the poster boy for last seasons failures… even though it was the bullpen that was the main culprit. The way I see it, Luis Castillo has become to 2008, what Guillermo Mota was to the 2007 season. It doesn’t matter if we get anything in […]

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A Pair Of Aces And Manny Too

An article by posted on 18/10/2008

Just Show Me The Money! For those of you who still have a soft spot for Manny Ramirez and yearn for Omar Minaya to land talented and controversial outfielder, here is what he had to say to reporters as he left the Los Angeles Dodger’s clubhouse for what could be the last time. “I’m not […]

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It Can Only Get Better From Here

An article by posted on 17/10/2008

Watching our arch rivals, the Philadelphia Phillies, get to the World Series guaranteed that this off-season is going to be particularly longer (and particularly more painful) than usual. But lets face it: the Phillies deserve it. They played with heart while we played like we were dead. Their offense came through in the clutch and […]

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