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Please Don’t Hate Me Mets Fans, But Yesterday I Rooted For The Braves

An article by posted on April 3, 2007

Orlando Hernandez will take the mound tonight against the Cardinals after a day off yesterday. El Duque had a very impressive performance in his final spring training tune-up and I would suspect that he is up for the task. I’m still all tingly from crashing the Card’s flag raising party on Sunday. When I looked […]

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Last Night Was More Than A Win, It Was The Start Of Something Big

An article by posted on April 2, 2007

I must say that yesterday was quite a great day to be a Mets fan. No, we didn’t win any pennants or a fifty pound gold trophy with a bunch of little flags that go around it. It was a great day because our beloved team took the field and absolutely shined last night in […]

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