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Who Says There Are No Big Games In April? A Win Tonight Will Be Huge For The Mets

An article by posted on 04/04/2007

Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined that the Mets would start the 2007 season with an opportunity to sweep the World Champion Cardinals, and to do it on the road. The final game of the three game series, falls on the shoulders or should I say arm, of John Maine. Maine had […]

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Please Don’t Hate Me Mets Fans, But Yesterday I Rooted For The Braves

An article by posted on 03/04/2007

Orlando Hernandez will take the mound tonight against the Cardinals after a day off yesterday. El Duque had a very impressive performance in his final spring training tune-up and I would suspect that he is up for the task. I’m still all tingly from crashing the Card’s flag raising party on Sunday. When I looked […]

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Last Night Was More Than A Win, It Was The Start Of Something Big

An article by posted on 02/04/2007

I must say that yesterday was quite a great day to be a Mets fan. No, we didn’t win any pennants or a fifty pound gold trophy with a bunch of little flags that go around it. It was a great day because our beloved team took the field and absolutely shined last night in […]

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