Mets Win 91 Games, Division According to Davenport Projection

Division champions? It’s not that far fetched.

On Tuesday, Baseball Prospectus co-founder and baseball sabermetrician Clay Davenport released his 2019 projections, and has the Mets finishing the year 91-71 and winning the National League East. Not only will they win the division, according to Davenport, but they will allow the fewest runs in baseball as well (612).

Davenport has the Washington Nationals finishing second (89-73), the Philadelphia Phillies third (85-77), the Atlanta Braves fourth (82-80) and the Miami Marlins last (67-95).

In the American League, Davenport has the New York Yankees winning the American League East (96-66), the Cleveland Indians winning the American League Central (90-72) and the Houston Astros winning the Amerian League West (97-65).

For the rest of the National League, he has the St. Louis Cardinals winning the NL Central (85-77) and the Los Angeles Dodgers winning the NL West (97-65).

How did Davenport come to these conclusions?

“The standings above are based on a combination of computerized projections for performance rates and my estimates of playing time,” the website reads. “These player projections have been manipulated to produce league totals that mirror the 2017 season. Only major league projections are included.”

So what do you think? Do you agree with Davenport’s projections?

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