What Does the Future Now Hold For Juan Lagares?

The Mets swung a deal on Saturday, acquiring outfielder Keon Broxton from the Milwaukee Brewers for a trio of prospects headlined by right-hander Bobby Wahl.

New York got a speedster with power potential and impeccable fielding, but most importantly, bolstered their outfield depth.

Broxton has a lot of similarities to incumbent outfielder Juan Lagares. They are both right-handers that thrive in center field. So after the trade, there was a lot of conversation what the move means going forward for Lagares.

Let’s go over a couple possibilities of what getting Broxton could mean for Lagares and the Mets.

Trade Lagares

This has been of great discussion since the trade went down a few hours ago. Do the Mets simply move Lagares now that they have a similar player in Broxton?

It makes sense to a degree. Lagares is owed $9 million in 2019 while Broxton will be making league minimum. If New York could find a way to dump Lagares’s contract, they could allocate those resources back into helping other needs going into next season.

However, it’s hard to imagine that a team would take on all of Lagares’s contract, even with his tremendous defensive skill set. His injury history over the last few years would be a hard sell. At this point, he might be more valuable to the Mets who could hope for a solid walk year.

Keep Lagares and Tap Into Free Agent Market

Perhaps the smarter move would be to have both Lagares and Broxton and bring in another external outfielder.

At this point, it’s highly unlikely the Mets will pursue A.J. Pollock unless his price tag drops dramatically, but they could still be players for Marwin Gonzalez.

Bringing someone in like Gonzalez could be beneficial for New York on multiple fronts, as he can play several positions around the diamond.

To start the year, you could platoon Lagares and Broxton in center and put Gonzalez at first until Peter Alonso is ready, and then when Alonso comes up, Gonzalez could take more reps in the outfield.


For the Mets, this trade shouldn’t mean trying to shop Lagares. Having both of them in the fold only enhances the Mets’ outfield depth, which was so thin in 2018.

New York has made positive strides in addition to trading for Broxton in regards to the outfield, also bringing in names like Braxton Lee, Rajai Davis, Rymer Liriano and Gregor Blanco.

Bringing in someone like Marwin Gonzalez in addition to their current outfield corps would only help better the team.

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