The Mets Finally Have Some Semblance of Offensive Depth

The Mets will be better on offense. I have been saying that the team will be better because Adrian Gonzalez, Jose Reyes, Devin Mesoraco, and Austin Jackson have been replaced by better players. I did not realize how many plate appearances the Mets gave to players of the caliber I mentioned above but Matt Eddy did as you can see in his tweet below. (H/T to Tvators in the comment section for highlighting this tweet.)

Effectively, these guys will be replaced by Wilson Ramos, Jed Lowrie, Robinson Cano, Travis d’Arnaud, and Peter Alonso. In addition, Jeff McNeil will be replacing Wilmer Flores over the course of a full season. The motley crew in Eddy’s tweet combined to hit .212/.297/.330 with a .278 wOBA and 76 wRC+ in 2018.

Lowrie, Cano, and Ramos combined to hit .287/.359/.465 with a .355 wOBA and 128 wRC+ in 2018. If Peter Alonso hits like Alcides Escobar and Travis d’Arnaud hits like Jose Reyes, those five would still hit a combined .262/.329/.412 with a .322 wOBA and 104 wRC+.

The Mets have actual depth for the first time since August of 2015. The Mets can do so much when playing the matchup game that it might actually be fun to watch for once.

If the Mets were facing Max Scherzer and wanted to get as much offense against him as possible, they can actually find a way to bring up actual hitters for once and not punt on defense entirely. They can go with Brandon Nimmo, Michael Conforto, and Jeff McNeil in the outfield with Lowrie, Rosario, Cano, and Alonso rounding out the infield.

If Noah Syndergaard is pitching, they can go with Todd Frazier, Rosario, Cano, and Lowrie in the infield due to Noah’s ground ball tendencies. Jacob deGrom, on the other hand, tends to be a fly ball pitcher so the Mets can use Lagares or Broxton in center.

The point is, the Mets can finally have some creativity and offense to their roster. These are strategies employed by the Los Angeles Dodgers and Chicago Cubs for years now. The Dodgers have Chris Taylor, Max Muncy, Austin Barnes, and Cody Bellinger. All of those are guys who can play multiple positions and allow for the team to improve as a whole. The days of Wilmer Flores playing with cement in his cleats at third base are over.

There is also this J.D. Davis guy who the Mets traded for. Here is why he is exciting: The Mets are looking at him as a two-way player per Eno Sarris of The Athletic. Davis has managed to get his fastball to 94 MPH and used to pitch in college. Is this guy Shohei Ohtani? No, but he can still be very valuable regardless.

Please Mets. Clean up his mechanics, let him throw 96 MPH with some spin and teach him a good approach angle. The only thing I really want to see this season aside from a World Series appearance is Davis hitting a go-ahead homer in the eighth and getting a save in the ninth. I don’t think that is asking for much.

To sum it up, the Mets will be good in 2019 barring a major injury bug. I am really looking forward to some fun Summer Baseball in 2019.

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