Morning Briefing: The Lowdown on Lowrie

Good Morning, folks!

Latest Mets News

Fangraphs wrote up the latest Mets signing, Jed Lowrie. In the article, they include a quote from Lowrie that says, “I look back at the success I’ve had in my career hitting, and the focus has always had to be on my legs, getting the most out of my legs as I can.” He also said,  “I’m trying to maximize bat speed to maximize exit velocity.”

Jeff McNeil likes swinging at meatballs as Daren Wilman shows.

Eno Sarris of The Athletic says that the Mets are considering making J.D. Davis a two-way player. He has touched 94 MPH from the mound.

Latest MLB News

Ken Davidoff suggests a salary cap and floor for MLB teams.

Bryce Harper met with Philly today. Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic says the Nationals did in fact make Harper an offer recently.

Latest NL East News

The Braves hired Dana Brown as their new VP of Scouting.

Talk Nats writes about the Nationals budget.

Jim Salisbury of NBC writes about the relationship between the Phillies and Scott Boras.

Latest on MMO

Joe D. writes about optimism for the Mets being on the rise.

Mathew Brownstein chats with author, Jane Levy.

Birthdays: Elmer Dessens turns 48, Kevin Mitchell turns 57.


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