MMO Exclusive: Anthony DiComo Talks About Functions of Winter Meetings

As you know, the Winter Meetings just wrapped up Las Vegas. I reached out to Anthony DiComo of to learn how the Winter Meetings and reporting work so fans can be more educated on the way they get their news all the way back from the GM and front office.

DiComo has been on the Mets beat since May of 2010, and before that he also worked for the MetroWest Daily News and The Boston Globe.


MMO: So what kind of representatives and insiders from each team attend the Winter Meetings?

Anthony DiComo: The Winter Meetings are an industry-wide event. People from every part of the industry attend, from team executives to reporters, operations people, vendors, scouts, agents — really anyone affiliated with baseball in any way.

MMO: What is the biggest advantage of having all the teams represented in a complex for this week?

DiComo: Business is easier to do in person, no matter the nature of that business. Having everyone in the same place just makes it easier to facilitate deals.

MMO: How much likelier is it for a trade or signing to formulate during the Winter Meetings versus the rest of the offseason?

DiComo: Deals aren’t necessarily significantly more likely to occur here, but the conversations that take place often have a lasting effect. Sometimes, seeds planted at the Winter Meetings grow into something more tangible weeks or even months down the line.

MMO: What is the main job of reporters like you during the Winter Meetings?

DiComo: My job here is the same as it is throughout the year — report what happens. That can be tougher when the things happening are all taking place behind closed doors, as opposed to on the field in front of us. But a good reporter can tease out what’s going on.

MMO: How do the rumors get started?

DiComo: Rumors can start from any number of places — from team executives, from agents, from anyone involved with the process of signing or trading players. They can also quickly take on a life of their own via social media!

MMO: What is the process of confirming the rumors?

DiComo: Over time, a good reporter develops a wide and varied network of sources from many of the pools of people I mentioned above. Often, once a rumor is out there, confirming it can be quick and easy. The hard part is getting something first.

MMO: What is your favorite part of the Winter Meetings?

DiComo: My favorite part is seeing friends and colleagues that I don’t often get to see! As I mentioned, the meetings bring together folks from all over the industry, and this is the only time of year I get to see many of them. It’s great to catch up and enjoy ourselves a bit when we can spare a free minute away from the rumor mill!

MMO: Thank You, Anthony!

DiComo: No problem, hope that helps!

You can follow Anthony DiComo on Twitter, @AnthonyDiComo

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